Scrolling through our Instagram feed we saw a lovely blouse from Anthropologie and as much as we would have wanted Read more
What's better than some strawberry shortcakes to brighten up your day 🙂 I don't even remember what day of the Read more
So quarantine challenge anyone??? Everyone's complaining about being bored and being stuck inside but let's get motivated 😊 we have Read more
The idea suddenly came three days before Purim... The Sun and the Moon. The next day we journeyed to Jerusalem Read more
Tel Aviv, Israel Walking through the streets of Tel Aviv. We stop to take a picture beneath some beautiful red Read more
Handmade overcoats at the Dead Sea, Israel Fashion Bathing suits and cover-ups - Handmade Read more
Fashion Shorts-handmade Blouses-thrift store finds Jewelry-vintage Read more
Shepherding Eyal's goats on Moshav Hamra, Israel.   Fashion Shorts-Handmade Blouses-Thrift Store Finds Jewelry-Vintage Read more

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