Creative Backyard Butterfly Photoshoot

Butterflies make us happy 🦋

Ever since we were little we loved butterflies. We remember growing up each year and our mom would get us a bunch of caterpillars and we would watch their metamorphosis from cocoons to beautifully winged creatures. We watched them struggle to break free from their little cocoons and for their wings to strengthen and then once they were strong enough, we would set them free. It is a beautiful memory with plenty of metaphorical meanings that would guide us in life. Our mom would always remind us to “Be as free as a butterfly and don’t care what anyone else thinks”. This definitely molded us to have our own personal style and personalities. It was only natural when, almost twenty years later, our mom sent us sheets of butterfly prints when she shipped us a care package from the USA to Israel.

For a long time the prints were stored in a folder (I want to say about a half a year or more) until we got creative and finally had a little spare time. We surprised her with a butterfly photoshoot. #colorfulquarantine

I must say these times can be hard, but at the same time I hope we will all be able to somehow look back and be grateful for the time had to think and prioritize and slow down and be grateful for all the little things we often times take for granted. Maybe and hopefully we can use this time to metamorphosize into what we really want to be – be it in regards to personality, job, family, whatever it may be. Hopefully in the quiet time we have, without such loud voices of others, we can turn into the butterflies we’re meant to be.

With love, Brooke and Danielle, Colorful Sisters

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