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Sooooo the million dollar question….Who are we and what are we doing? Well, the simple answer would be…We are Brooke and Danielle. The Colorful Sisters – Traveling Fashion Designers. BUT, as you’ve clearly clicked on this page to learn more, I’ll expand on that a little 🙂

Let’s start with the Traveling Fashion Designers. What exactly does that mean, you might ask. Well, we have two main passions. Traveling and fashion.

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Traveling. We love traveling to off the beaten path places, finding the beauty in the most common touristic places, making amazing itineraries, and discovering new and old beauty all over the world. Our weekend trips are famous among our friends and we are constantly giving vacation and adventure suggestions.

Fashion. Now for the fashion. It’s not just any old fashion; we mean our fashion creations. We have been designing and sewing clothing since we were little. Probably half of our wardrobe is handmade and another 25% are vintage or thrifted items. So, we decided to think of how we could combine our two passions into one! And here we are. Traveling Fashion Designers. While planning travels to amazing locations, we also plan to create outfits specifically for those locations. Going to the Grand Bazaar in Turkey? I’m going to create a pair of bright 70s style pants to match the bright colors of the market. Going to the Dead Sea in Israel? Let’s make brown and blue bathing suits to compliment the amazing surroundings. For example….

Colorful Sisters


We grew up in the Philadelphia area in the States. Our mom was a fashion and interior designer and so she taught us mostly everything when we were young. We were never really allowed to watch TV or watch silly movies, instead we were taught to channel our inner artist.

Our first trip abroad was in 2016. To Israel. We immediately fell in love with the country, didn’t want to leave, and promised to move here one day. Within a year, we were Israeli citizens. And we have been living happily in Israel for over three years now.

Since that first trip abroad, we couldn’t stop traveling. Jordan, Cyprus, Austria, Hungary, Georgia, Greece, Kenya, Sinai, Turkey. And that’s just the beginning. We have soooooooo many more adventures and designs and crazy ideas to come. So happy that you have joining us for the fun!


Hiiii. I’m Danielle.

The younger of the Colorful Sisters. Currently 27 years old. In case you have a hard time remembering who is who….think D is for Danielle who is Darker-darker hair and darker skin. I’ve loved writing since I was little, so I’m responsible for most of content writing on the blog and other platforms.

Helloooo. I’m Brooke.

28 years old as of now. You can’t really tell in that picture, but people usually remember B for Brooke, Blue eyes, and Blond hair (it’s not blond, but some people claim it is). I’m responsible for most of the design and the technical aspects of the blog.


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