Philly's Magic Gardens could not be more perfectly named. They certainly are an extremely magical place. In my opinion the
Interesting little trinkets everywhere. 1960s cameras, vintage tea sets, leather bags, and piles and piles of what some would think
Little sounds more romantic than horseback rides and picnics through the countryside on a sunny and warm day. Add on
What a year it has literally been. I feel like we will only be able to fully comprehend everything when
One of my favorite things ever is cute coffee shops and nice places to relax and eat. During my multiple
Eilat, Israel. The ever-hot, immensely beautiful oasis of the Israeli desert. The southern most point of the country, it's definitely
During my first visit to Nairobi, I had no idea what I was going to do. I booked a stay
When visiting Istanbul, most people's automatic thought is to go visit the most famous tourist sites - The Grand Bazaar,
South-western Turkey is full of amazing coastlines. It was very hard to pick which beach town we should go to.

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