Northern Israel

If you're feeling the urge to escape the city and find respite in nature full of mountains and waterfalls and
Despite its tiny size, Israel is an incredibly diverse country. From green, tree-covered mountains in the north to majestic desserts
Perhaps one of Israel's most underrated tourist destinations, the port city of Akko is a true delight. Abounding in history,
Who doesn't love flowers? Little bursts of happiness emerging from the earth, bright and colorful gems of beauty. Despite usually
Interesting little trinkets everywhere. 1960s cameras, vintage tea sets, leather bags, and piles and piles of what some would think
Eilat, Israel with its beach hotels, snorkeling, and ever hot weather is a very popular tourist destination. It is about
Looking for an amazing day trip to Northern Israel? Israel is such a diverse and beautiful country. Northern Israel, in
Join us to explore the tropical banana plantations and corn fields of Maagan Michael with our hand-designed outfits!
You NEED to visit this cacti garden because who doesn't love cacti? They are so cool. They survive on practically
Join us to explore one of Israel's most beautiful private beaches with our handmade bathing suits designed to match the

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