Crocodile Stream Anyone? Nahal Taninim Nature Reserve in Israel with Thrifted Outfits

Nahal Taninim, or directly translated…Crocodile Stream, is a nature reserve in Israel’s north. It’s just a short detour off of one of Israel’s main highways, Route 4, a perfect place for a picnic goers, history lovers, or discoverers of unique locations. A beautiful little off the beaten path location. Great for a picnic or just a little stroll. Amazing history. Wonderful views. Usually pretty quiet.

Just try to be careful of the crocodiles that the place is known for. JUST KIDDING. The last known crocodile was sighted in the swamps nearby in 1912. So they are long gone! There is however an historical document saying that during the Third Crusade, two knights were devoured by crocodiles in the river. Guess the name was pretty fitting.

Roman aqueducts, byzantine flour mills, quarries, an ancient dam, Turkish waterwheels, this place is just wrought with history from so many different centuries. Buttttt I won’t spoil it all here, have to save some mystery for when you actually go visit the place!

Although we decided not to make specific outfits for this trip, we still coordinated them perfectly with the surrounding. We have so many amazing thrifted pieces, we wanted to show them off!

Danielle is wearing a very stunning navy and white striped top that we got from Dressed by Danielle, an adorable boutique second hand shop here in Israel. Her shorts are handmade, oldies but goodies that she made maybe five years ago and is still wearing all the time. Green cotton shorts with big button closure on the side.

Also check out these earrings!! Truly one of a kind dangly clip on’s. Such a find!

Brooke is wearing an AWESOME green and white striped jumpsuit that our mom bought for us in the states. Normal price would have been a couple hundred dollars for this beautiful piece, but the Queen of Thrifting and Sales (our Mom) found it for under $20. And Brooke’s awesome heels? Thrift store right up the street here in the Tel Aviv area. Perfect condition for only $5!

Sending love and happiness, Danielle and Brooke, Colorful Sisters

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