Adventuring in the Golan Heights – Things to Do and Places to Eat and Stay

If you’re feeling the urge to escape the city and find respite in nature full of mountains and waterfalls and streams, then the Golan Heights in Israel is the place for you. Whether you are looking for a peaceful walk enjoying the scenery, adventurous trips in nature, or fascinating pieces of history, the Golan has it all.

The Golan Heights

The Golan Heights is the northernmost part of Israel. Bordering Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan this portion of land has a tumultuous past as it was fought over for years. Despite its rocky history, the Golan has managed to become one of the most beautiful areas in Israel. Although it is most famous for its beloved and vast array of waterfalls, the area also has an incredible history dating back to prehistoric times (and everything in between). No matter what kind of trip you’re looking for, the Golan certainly has something that will appeal to you.

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13 Things to Do in the Golan Heights

The options of things to do in the Golan Heights are just about as diverse as the people living there (a mix of Arab, Jewish, and Druze citizens)! From waterfalls to fortresses to adventure sports, the choices are endless.

1. Banias Waterfall and Nature Reserve

Perhaps the most famous waterfall in Israel, Banias has every reason to hold that title. It is the largest waterfall in all of Israel and one of the most beautiful. Streaming down from the base of Mount Hermon, this waterfall is stunning. Don’t forget to enjoy the springs at the nature reserve and to explore the ancient city of Dan which contains ruins and even a cave named after the Greek god Pan.

Golan Heights - Banias

2. Ayun Stream Nature Reserve – 4 Waterfalls

If you’re looking for the perfect hike with a view, Ayun Stream is the place for you. With a whopping view of four waterfalls along the hiking route, this is not to be missed! If you want a nice, lengthier hike you can climb the steep path to the top to view all four waterfalls and then walk back down to the entrance (recommended). But if you’re looking for a more leisurely adventure, start at the upper entrance of the park and walk down.

Golan Heights - Nahal Ayun

3. Saar Falls and Druze Market

Who wouldn’t want to see an incredibly beautiful double waterfall hidden in the mountains of the Golan? Saar Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Israel. And the best part of visiting here is the authentic Druze market that is set up at the entrance of the park. You can shop for locally produced goodies and eat tasty treats after enjoying the waterfall views.

Golan Heights - Saar Falls

4. Nimrod’s Fortress

One of Israel’s most underrated locations, Nimrod’s Fortress is impressive in every sense of the word. One of the largest fortresses in the Middle East, it was originally built in 1227 and has been fought over and conquered by the Mamluks, Mongols, Crusaders, and more. The fortress has extensive and intact secret passageways, pools, moats, towers, fountains and more. And once you see the incredible view, you will understand why it was fought over by so many different civilizations throughout history!

Golan Heights - Nimrod's Fortress

5. Hexagon Pool – Meshushim Stream Nature Reserve

A short, picturesque hike in the nature leads you to an incredibly beautiful pool of water enveloped in uniquely shaped rock formations. The meaning behind the name of the pool – Hexagon Pool is obvious after seeing the hexagon shaped rocks that encompass the water. Millions of years ago the Golan was covered in active volcanos. When the hot lava touched the cold pool of water it created this distinct hexagon shape.

Golan Heights - Hexagon Pool Meshushim

6. Nahal Jilaboun – Stunning Waterfall Hike

Beautiful nature, rushing waterfalls, hiking on the rocks between the pools of water. Nahal Jilaboun is perhaps one of the most beautiful hikes in Israel leaving you feeling like you’re walking through a tropical jungle. Hidden by the foliage and protected from the sun, you will see at least two waterfalls depending on which version of the hike you do. If you visit in the spring you will not only be lucky enough to have beautiful weather, but also see the hills painted with countless colors of stunning wildflowers.

7. Mount Hermon – The Tallest Mountain in Israel

Did you know that there is snow in Israel? And even a ski resort… Mount Hermon is Israel’s tallest mountain (measuring 2,236 meters high). It is a very popular attraction in the wintertime and a lovely place to visit with incredible views.

Golan Heights - Mount Hermon

8. Adventure Sports – Horseback Riding, ATVing, Waterfall Rappelling, Via Ferrata

If you are looking for something fun and different to do, the Golan is the place for you. Whether you want to go horseback riding, ATVing, rappelling down a waterfall, or doing a Via Ferrata style rock climbing hike, the options are endless.

Golan Heights - Waterfall Rappelling

9. The Golan Trail – Shvil HaGolan

The Golan Trail (ืฉื‘ื™ืœ ื”ื’ื•ืœืŸ) is a beautiful and challenging hike that takes you all through the Golan Heights. 125 kilometers in total it starts at Mount Hermon and continues throughout the entire Golan, usually taking about 7-9 days to fully complete.

10. Eli Cohen Trail – Incredible History

One of Israel’s most famous spies and national heroes- Eli Cohen was primarily stationed in the Golan Heights when it was under Syrian control. On the Eli Cohen trail you can follow his footsteps and learn about this legendary spy and see all the places made famous by his story.

11. Mount Bental – Amazing Lookout of the Region

Mount Bental is an all time favorite for tourists and locals alike. With a stunning, panoramic views of the region, it’s hard not to fall in love. You can see Lebanon, Syria, and Israel from this mountaintop. There are even remains of bunkers and tanks that were left from the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

Golan Heights - Mount Bental

12. Cherry Picking – In the Spring/Summer

Who doesn’t love to pick some fresh fruits? And cherries? No one can resist. In the spring (around May/June) the Golan is covered with pick your own cherry farms. You can enter the farms, wander through the cherry trees, pick as much fruit as you want, and take home buckets of fresh and delicious cherries.

Golan Heights - Cherry picking

13. Hamat Gader – Natural Hot Springs

Israel’s largest and oldest spa, Hamat Gader is built around the naturally occurring hot springs and thermal waters of the area. In use as a spa since the 8th century BCE, Israel is continuing the tradition until this day with mineral rich thermal baths at this spa.

Golan Heights - Hamat Gader

Where to Eat in the Golan Heights

Don’t think that just because it is far away from the metropolitan centers of the country that there are no good places to eat in the Golan. On the contrary, the Golan is full of culinary delights and some of the best restaurants in the country!

1. Dag Al HaDan

Perhaps one of the loveliest culinary experiences I have ever had, Dag Al HaDan is a household name for years. It’s prime location, built right on top of the flowing river makes for the most amazing and peaceful experience while you enjoy locally sourced fish right from the river nearby. Delicious food and the most amazing atmosphere, it cannot be missed!

Golan Heights - Dag Al Hadan

2. Moshbutz

Seasonal, local cuisine that specializes in farm to table delicacies? You cannot miss this incredible Moshbutz restaurant featuring incredible dishes, organic grass-fed meat, and vegetables straight from the garden.

3. Oz Patisserie – Cafรฉ on the River

If you liked the idea of Dag Al HaDan, you’ll love Oz Patisserie. Located right next to the famous fish restaurant, you will find a delicious cafรฉ. Enjoy your breakfast or lunch to the sound of bubbling water and covered by beautiful green trees. And this isn’t just a beautiful location, the food is delicious as well.

4. Majdal Shams – Traditional Druze Cuisine

No trip to the Golan is complete without trying some of the incredibly delicious Druze cuisine in the town of Majdal Shams. There you can find some of the freshest and most impressive falafel I have ever tasted and a delicious range of sweet treats like baklava.

5. Little Bakery Cafรฉ – ืœื—ืžืง’ื”

If you’re looking for a cute cafรฉ for a casual brunch with friends, Little Bakery (ืœื—ืžืง’ื” in Hebrew) is a wonderful option. With yummy pastries and lots of fresh menu items, it’s a cute little bakery in a great location.

Golan Heights - Little Bakery cafe

6. Habokrim Restaurant

If you’re a meat lover, you simply cannot miss the renowned Habokrim Restaurant. Overlooking a horse farm and Mount Bental, this place will not disappoint!

Where to Stay in the Golan Heights

The Golan Heights is full of incredible places to stay with gorgeous views. Your best bet is to check out some of the beautiful options on Airbnb like unique caravan on a lavender field, this beautiful place with a view of the Sea of Galilee, and this beautiful wood cabin. There are also many beautiful bed and breakfasts in the town of Metula, offering incredible views and a great location. Kiryat Shmona and Katzrin are the larger cities if you are looking for a place that has common conveniences like super markets and shopping malls.

If you are looking for a more rustic and authentic experience, camping in the Golan is incredibly beautiful and there are many campsites set up throughout the area.

Golan Heights

Tips for Visiting the Golan Heights

  • Getting There – The Golan Heights are a bit far from the rest of the country and unfortunately it’s not that easy to get there. Although there is a pretty reliable bus system, you will most likely be stuck on a bus for hours and hours just to get anywhere. It is highly recommended to only attempt to travel in the Golan by car. It is nearly impossible to reach the nature and historical sites without your own car.
  • Weather – Since the Golan Heights is the northernmost part of Israel, and it is full of mountains it is oftentimes the coldest part of the country and one of the only places that has snow!
  • Wildlife – Without too many big cities to get in the way of wildlife, the Golan is a bit like uncharted territory. Be careful of the wild boars, they can be extremely large and aggressive, especially if there are baby boars involved!
  • Land Mines – Due to its complicated past of many conflicts, in some areas of the Golan Heights there is a risk of land mines still buried under the ground, untouched from previous conflicts. Israel has done a great job in marking the potentially risky areas, so do not ignore the signs warning of potential land mines and don’t wander too far off the main paths…it is no joke!
Golan Heights

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