SECRET spots of Ein Gedi, Israel with Stylish Handmade and Designed Outfits

The lockdown was ending. We were allowed to travel outside of our houses and through Israel, and so we immediatley took advantage of that. We booked a night at a hostel/camp and planned a trip to the South of Israel. First stop-Ein Gedi National Park.

Now there was a bit of problem as we booked and planned everything about two weeks in advance and as the days drew near, the heatwave began to set in. A heatwave that was supposed to last and reach it’s peak right during our trip-50 C (120 F) was the prediction. Did we let that stop us? Nope.

We made our way down to the south (Israel’s hottest area) despite the heatwave, and when we arrived we realized how much it was SO WORTH IT.

We drove into Ein Gedi National Park, one of Israel’s top tourist attractions (for local and international visitors) and NO ONE WAS THERE. Literally the place was EMPTY except for workers. Usually bustling with hundreds of people and children, there was not a soul in sight. It was 8am (We woke up at 5am for the drive south) but still, under normal circumstances it would still be super busy.

Now, before I go into the awesomeness of this national park, let me say a bit about the fashion side of the photos. So, as we always do, we planned and designed our outfits specifically for the occasion. Here is our original sketch of what was called “Dead Sea Dress” (Ein Gedi is right by the Dead Sea)

And here is the end result.

We had two sets of coordinating fabrics (that I bought in my pre-quarantine panic), so Brooke made this maxi summer dress and I made my two-piece “gypsy” set. Both of them coordinating with and complimenting the awesome scenery.

Here’s a link to our tiktok if you want to check out the before/after of the handmade outfits …

Ok so now back to the travel aspect. Here’s a bit about Ein Gedi. The waterfalls of King David. This INCREDIBLE desert oasis has a rich history being mentioned in the Bible multiple times. And we can see why! Imagine…. desert all around for miles and miles and miles. You finally find water- a huge lake, or so you think, but then it turns out to be the Dead Sea-too salty to drink and hot to be refreshing. And THEN you come across Ein Gedi, rocky crevices with rivers, brooks, streams, and waterfalls! You might think it is a mirage. But, no, it is real. No wonder they have evidence of possible settlements here dating back to the Neolithic age!

Now the most common areas of Ein Gedi are for sure beautiful. Here are some photos of the lovely waterfalls about a 20 minute walk from the park entrance.

BUT, if you go just a little further you’ll discover the hidden or secret areas of this same park. Most people never go beyond the first 15-30 minutes of a tourist attraction. You get to the site, you pay, you enter. You walk a maximum of 30 minutes around and then leave. But how many people actually go a little bit further to what may actually be the HIDDEN amazing part?

Well, that is certainly what we did here. About a half hour hike past the main attraction of Ein Gedi (David’s waterfall), there is a cave called Dudim Cave. The hike is straight up, almost always in direct sunlight, so it’s a may be a challenge for some. But I ASSURE you that this is SO WORTH IT!

This mysterious little cave with dripping drops of water at the entrance right next to a beautiful waterfall is seriously so worth the hike. Relax, even have a picnic in the little cave and go for a dip in the waterfall and pool right next to it. Couldn’t be more rewarding after the hot hike!

And even more amazing is that along the way, there are small pool dug into the rock crevices where you can dip and swim and jump in the cool refreshing water.

I don’t think we have EVER been so GRATEFUL for fresh cool water in our whole life. Hiking in 43 C (110 F) in direct sun was probably not the best idea, but really it was so worth it.

And now for the best part, here’s our video that we made of the whole INCREDIBLE adventure!!! Can you tell how INSANELY happy we were to finally reach the cool water?!

Sending love and happiness, Danielle and Brooke, Colorful Sisters


  1. Beautiful clothing and photos!

    1. Thank you so much!!!

  2. Lovely photos!! The designs are wonderful and I’m so glad to be here. That hike was worth it to get to that waterfall. Wow…a heavenly place.
    Thank you for following my blog, and I’m following you back. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures and designs! I love clothes too.
    My name is Esther. Nice to meet you ladies!

    1. Hi Esther! Thank you so very much. I’m so happy you appreciate. It really means so much to us and is so encouraging. Look forward to seeing what you post as well!

      1. I’m so happy to hear that you were encouraged! Encouagement can do so much for our souls. Yes, looking forward to reading more of ur posts and checking out your beautiful designs.
        Have a great weekend!

      2. So very true!!! Have a lovely week ahead! 🙂

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