Experience the Carmel Market “Shuk” in Tel Aviv with our Handmade Styles

The marketplace or the “Shuk” in the Middle East is a very special place. Spices of every color piled high, rows and rows of fruits and vegetables, all sorts of different vendors yelling out their prices and the goods they are offering as you pass by. Endless bargaining. It’s a very unique place. An essential Middle Eastern experience.

We live not too far from Tel Aviv’s main Shuk- Shuk HaCarmel, or the Carmel Market, located right in Central Tel Aviv. Always bustling, especially on Friday morning when the masses come to have Friday brunch at one of the many adorable cafes in the Yemenite Quarter (Keren HaTeimanim). Quaint apartment buildings, flower bushes everywhere, it has a very old fashioned vibe with small winding roads and cars always trying to squeeze down them (I always wonder how they don’t get stuck)

Knowing that most of the colors in the Shuk are reddish/yellow, we planned our outfits specifically for the visit. With this picnic style skirt and top set, originally made from a curtain (just like in Sound of Music), I fit right in. Check out our TikTok video here showing the before and after of this awesome vintage fabric.

Anddd so here is our absolute favorite juice shop in Israel. Not only do they sell amazing, fresh, and mostly organic juices, but they also have a wide variety of other super cool health products, lotions, acai bowls, and kombucha (which is not as common to find as it is in the states). It’s called Uzi-Eli the Etrog Man. A bit of a legend in Israel. The man who owns the shop (Uzi Eli) is such a character and persona, you simply have to meet him! He normally is only at the shop in Jerusalem, but his family works at the Tel Aviv branch, and they are all so sweet and friendly.

Now to the candy shops in the Shuk. There are multiple. They are tempting. If not only for the super bright and beautiful colors, but also for their sweet mix and match goodness. Anyone who knows me can vouch that I’m a sucker for any type of gummies, so this is certainly one of my favorite places.

Brooke here has on a cute vintage top, tied at the waist, and classic high waist jeans. The adorable wedges? Thrifted for $5 from our favorite thrift store right up the street.

Have you been to the Carmel Market in Israel?

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Sending love and happiness, Danielle and Brooke, Colorful Sisters

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  1. Fascinating blog by two intelligent, creative and beautiful young ladies.
    AnElephant is ancient, but still enjoys the wonders of our world.
    He waits for you to visit France, where he lives, or Scotland, his homeland.
    Oh what could you do with tartan!

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