Fashion and Flowers – Wildflower Photoshoot in the Israeli Countryside

Beautiful mountain scenery. Green rolling hills. Speckles of color appearing in the most unexpected way. Tall, yellow blossoms waving in the wind gracefully. Little purple dots of beauty adorning the grass like jewels. An unmatched scene. Who hasn’t dreamt of the picturesque scene of frolicking with long, flowy gowns in fields of blossoming wildflowers?

Wildflowers in the Countryside

It is a slightly warm spring day. The sun is shining brightly but the minute the clouds appear the remaining chill of winter can be felt in the strong breeze. We had just driven through the winding roads of the Jordan Valley in Israel, a desert-like region known for its surprisingly fertile farmland. It was no wonder that the hilltops would be covered in a beautiful bedazzlement of happy wildflowers. Sheep were grazing on the sides of the road, followed by a young shepherd boy, the grasses swayed with the constant breeze. Red, purple, yellow, orange, white. Daisies and poppies and mustard and countless unnamed beauties. The mystery added to their allure. What is more lovely than recognizing a familiar flower among the grass? Finding a rare gem which no one knows the name.

Wildflowers Israel

Although tempted to simply relax in the beauty of the day, in every abounding field that we passed, we were determined to find the fields of purple and yellow flowers. The combination of colors was too entrancing, difficult to come by, and delightful in its rarity.

Mustard Flowers

Entering the gates to a small Moshav (farming village) we were greeted by an overwhelming joy of tall yellow flowers, bending gracefully with every breath of wind that happened to caress them. The peaceful encompassment of silence caused by a mercilessly lovely breeze silenced us into bliss. Who knew that mustard flowers could be so dreamy?

Wildflowers Israel

Chrysanthemum & Purple Anchusa

Little bleeps of happiness – the chrysanthemum. With Greek linguistic roots alluding to its golden flowers, we were delighted to see this beauty gracing our untamed hilltops. Paired delicately with a mysterious purple flower, obvious in its beauty but mysterious in its identity. Only after thorough investigations and research among our nature-loving friends were we able to discover the name of this purple hidden gem – לשון-פר in Hebrew and Anchusa in English. Despite relentless cold winds at the top of the elevated hill, we stopped to relish in their beauty until we were shaking from cold. Every moment was worth it.

Wildflowers Israel

Fashion in the Flower Fields

The plan for the day was to visit this small Moshav (Moshav Hamra) and capture the beauty of the wildflowers that enveloped the surrounding hills. Our friends updated us that this year the colors were mostly purple, white, and yellow. We could not resist the urge to make and find coordinating outfits to complement their natural beauty.

Handmade Floral Dress

We were gifted a beautiful chiffon-like fabric, mustard yellow background, and covered in dainty colorful tidbits of blossoms. Sheer and elegant, we could not help but think of the stunning yellow flowers that were soon to make their first appearances. We found a beautiful 60s style pattern, flouncy, feminine, and dreamy….and began!

Thrifted Dress

Purple flowers covering a puff-sleeved tunic dress cinched with a thick 80s style belt. Who could resist? Found while shopping at a second-hand shop in Tel Aviv, it was immediately obvious that this could be the perfect fit for the purple wildflowers. Paired with the handmade yellow dress (featuring tidbits of purple as well)….perfection.

Where to Find the Wildflowers

Each year brings a slightly different set of wildflowers to the Jordan Valley. Depending on rains and heat, the scene set before our eyes is always a bit of a mystery. But there is one thing that we are certain about every year….the normally barren, brown hilltops will be covered in green grass and colorful wildflowers for a few weeks. The Jordan Valley is perhaps one of the most spectacular places to see the wildflowers, secluded and untouched.

The mustard flowers are a bit easier to locate and tend to last much longer throughout the year. Found throughout the country and in the most uncommon location (construction sites, dumpsters, and empty fields not excluded), they will be much easier to spot. The chrysanthemum and purple anchusa tend to be more difficult to come by.

Wildflowers Israel

Fun Facts About Mustard, Chrysanthemum, and Anchusa

  • Almost every part of the mustard plant is usable! The leaves and roots can be boiled and eaten as a vegetable, the seeds for food and medicine, and the flowers are edible as well, famous for their spice and often used as a saffron replacement.
  • Mustard can grow practically anywhere – even in the arctic circle!
  • Mustard seeds have been used as medicine for throusands of years to stimulate apetite, relieve depression, and as an excellent source of selenium
  • Chrysanthemum flowers (also known as mums) are the second most popular flower in the world…second only to roses.
  • Anchusa, a lesser known flower, also boasts edible blossoms and are often used to decorate chocoalte and cocktails
Wildflowers Israel

Check out some of Israel’s other beautiful locations to spot stunning wildflowers: 5 BEST PLACES TO SEE SPECTACULAR WILDFLOWERS & FIELDS OF FLOWERS IN ISRAEL

Lots of love and safe travels,

Danielle and Brooke, Colorful Sisters



  2. Gorgeous pics, ladies, dresses!

    1. Thank you darling!

    1. Thank you!

  3. Israel or Alaska, God places His bouquets of beauty eveywhere.

    1. The world really is full of so much beauty…especially flowers!!

  4. Your fashions match the setting splendidly. Did you purchase them knowing they’d be so magnificent a pairing, or was it just a happy coincidence?

    Either way, you chose perfectly!

  5. Dazzling! Great work, and I had just thought this morning about where might you be; so I was going to check in today, but, as soon as I opened my email here you are in this newest production notification! Blessings and enjoy all that beauty for me!

    1. Thanks so much!! Happy to add some bright flowers to your morning!

      1. Oh thank you ladies and I need those bright moments as we all do but especially lately with my being overly concerned and caught up in the building calamities. But I want to keep seeing the bright and beauty of the light that is always going to prevail, no matter what happens to this world! And you do help very much in that way! Keep smiling and doing the good you can!

        Blessings to both of you! Shalom
        Brother in Christ Jesus,

  6. You look amaing.

  7. The wilderness and the dry land shall be glad;
    the desert shall rejoice and blossom like the crocus;
    it shall blossom abundantly and rejoice with joy and singing…
    For waters break forth in the wilderness,
    and streams in the desert;
    the burning sand shall become a pool,
    and the thirsty ground springs of water;
    in the haunt of jackals, where they lie down,
    the grass shall become reeds and rushes. – from Isaiah 35

  8. These photos are stunning. The scenery is just breathtaking.

    1. Thank you so much!! Truly a lovely place 🙂

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