5 Best Places to See Spectacular Wildflowers & Fields of Flowers in Israel

Who doesn’t love flowers? Little bursts of happiness emerging from the earth, bright and colorful gems of beauty. Despite usually being thought of as a desert, Israel is no stranger to endless fields of beautiful wildflowers. Before I came to Israel for the first time, I can honestly say that bountiful fields of blooming flowers were the last thing that I pictured in my mind. The first images that ran through my head were of the history, the cities, the religious sites, the coastline. No one warned me of the spectacular sight of the desert blossoming into a colorful array of delightful blooms.

Wildflower Season in Israel

Wildflower season in Israel is something unlike anything I have seen in the world. A partially desert climate, the country has a few months of “rainy season”. The more rain we get, the better the wildflowers will be. It’s incredible to watch the desert turn into a green, flowering oasis. But, there is a risk. The summer heat comes quickly (Israel hardly has spring), and with the heat, comes the dryness. The flowers have a life span of just a few weeks before the harsh sun dries them out to withering mementos of past glory. That leaves us with only a few short weeks to appreciate and relish in their beauty.

Wildflowers Israel Flower Fields

1. Almond Blossoms

The first blossoms to appear after a rainy and dreary winter, the almond blossoms are always a popular sight to see. Although not technically wildflowers (the most stunning assortment are usually on almond orchards), the dreamy pink and white blossoms are a true delight. Whether you’re looking for a romantic place to have a picnic, to take some beautiful photos, or just to roam in the wonderland, Israel has no shortage of lovely almond trees.

Wildflowers Israel Flower Fields Almond blossoms

When Are the Almond Blossoms in Bloom?

Almond blossom season is generally late winter/early spring, from around January until March. It varies a bit from year to year depending on how much it rains and when the rain stops, also the geographical location of the trees.

Where to Find Almond Blossoms

1. Latrun – This is where we went! There were beautiful fields ad very lush and beautiful! The biggest downside is that it is also one of the most popular locations and it can get quite busy. Although we arrived early in the morning, there were so many people picnicking and taking photos by the time we left in the afternoon.

2. Midrach Oz – If you’re visiting the north of Israel, this place is remarkable! Seemingly endless beautiful fields and not usually that crowded!

3. Lachish – Specifically in Yaar Hamelachim there are many beautiful trees.

4. Park Canada – If you’re looking for more of a rustic, in the nature type scene, this is the place for you!

5. Tal Shahar -Another beautiful location to scout some beautiful blossoms


2. Poppies

Fragile red bursts of beauty exploding into an oasis of glory, Israel’s poppies are certainly a sight to behold. Known as a kalanit in Hebrew (technically a poppy anemone), these red flowers are so loved that they are actually the National Flower of Israel. Countless songs have been written about their beauty and the direct translation of the name Kalanit in Hebrew means bride. Israelis love these flowers so much they are considered to be as beautiful as a bride on her wedding day.

Wildflowers Israel Flower Fields Poppies

When Are the Poppies in Bloom?

Poppy season in Israel depends greatly on the geographical location. It can start as early as January and go until April (or even sometimes May), depending on the rains. They bloom earliest in the South and there is even an entire festival called Darom Adom in honor of the spectacular sight of thousands of red poppies dotting the otherwise barren desert-like hills. Even if you happen to miss the southern festival (like we did), don’t worry…the poppies bloom later in other parts of the country, so you will still have a chance to catch a few glimpses around Jerusalem or other more northern areas. However, remember that once the flowers blossom, they only stay alive for about one week!

Where to Find Poppies

The Negev Desert is by far the most popular place to spot the poppies, marked by the famous festival Darom Adom, made just to enjoy the yearly wonder of the arid south becoming covered in a carpet of red wildflowers. In the south they can be found at the Shokda Forest, Be’eri Forest, Kibbutz Dvir, and more. Check out Darom Adom for more details during each year.

Jerusalem and the surrounding hilltops also flaunt an impressive array of blossoms, peaking a bit later than the south.

Wildflowers Israel Flower Fields Poppies


3. Mustard Fields, Chrysanthemum, and Purple Wildflowers

Who knew that mustard flowers were so dreamy? Waving gracefully in the breeze, these yellow blooms can be found for long periods of time throughout the country, on green hilltops, in abandoned construction sites, and simply on the side of the road. Tall, elegant, and abundant they are quite a delight.

The purple flowers are a bit harder to come by and were quite a challenge to identify. Perched on the hilltops in the Jordan Valley, we found these stunning and delicate wonders growing in harmony with the delightful yellow chrysanthemums. Poised against a backdrop of sloping mountain ridges, the overall landscape is among the most stunning. Eventually we found out that they are called לשון-פר in Hebrew and Anchusa in English.

Wildflowers Israel Flower Fields Mustard

When Are they in Bloom?

Mustard blooms for the longest time out of all the flowers. A hearty plant, almost weed-like in its prevalence, they are first spotted early spring, continuing until early summer.

The chrysanthemum and purple flowers (Anchusa) bloom in mid/late spring. We captured their beauty late March, at the end of their season.

Where to Find Mustard, Chrysanthemum, and Purple (Anchusa)

Mustard- The tall, abundant yellow mustard flowers can honestly be found throughout the country. So worry not, they are in abundance and easily found waving in dreamy unison on green hilltops and roadsides throughout the country.

Purple+Chrysanthemum- These purple flowers (Anchusa) are a bit harder to come by. The yellow flowers here are chrysanthemum and they often grow together with the purple, creating this beautiful, colorful palette. We found these beauties in the Jordan Valley, on a small Moshav called Hamra.


4. Sunflowers

Although not technically wildflowers, who wants to miss out on a stunning field of sunflowers in full bloom? Sturdy stems that reach to the sky and shockingly enormous blooms, the sunny sunflowers are always a beloved favorite. The sunflowers are the only ones on this list that do not bloom in late winter or early spring, but rather much later (they’re not dependent on the winter rains like all the others).

Wildflowers Israel Flower Fields Sunflowers

When Are the Sunflowers in Bloom?

The sunflowers are in their prime bloom in May-June. As they are not dependent on the yearly rains, their season flucuates less than the other wildflowers on this list.

Where to Find Sunflowers

Sunflowers fields can be found across the country, from north to south. Afula, Haifa, and Kibbutz Hulda being some of the most popular destinations. We visited Kibbutz Hulda and found beautiful, extensive fields.


5. Lupines

Dream a little dream of LUPINES! Honestly when I first saw pictures of this magical place I was sure it was somewhere in the mountains of Switzerland or Austria. Lo and behold, it was just a few hours ride north of Tel Aviv! A fairy tale of flowers and blue skies and rolling green hills, the purple/blue lupines are among Israel’s finest!

Wildflowers Israel Flower Fields Lupines

When Are the Lupines in Bloom?

The Lupines bloom in early spring. Depending on the seasonal rains that can range from March to April normally.

Where to Find Lupines

Nachal Tavor (Tavor Stream) is by far the best place to find the Lupines in all of Israel. It’s a little bit of a hike (8km loop trail) also full of waterfalls, some poppies, and rolling green hills, but well worth it for these dreamland views and heavenly scents.


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Lots of Love and Safe Travels,

Danielle and Brooke, Colorful Sisters


  1. So good to see your new post after a long time. You must have enjoyed a lot in the field shooting! The pictures are as always with happy faces.

    1. Thanks so much! So happy you enjoyed 🙂

  2. All these wildflowers are gorgeous. You’re right; you don’t normally associate Israel with wildflowers.

    1. Yesss and they’re all such a delight!! Truly a sight to see!

  3. Beautiful. Love the colors and the light.

    1. Thankssss! Truly beautiful places 🙂

  4. Really nice work ladies! Some very spectacular photography and subjects from the “colorful flowers” to the “Colorful Sisters” modeling very chic wardrobe and attire concepts; a match combo I would say was made in heaven from the looks of it; with all I see!

    Like I said recently, I see a story in this travelogue designing blog as well! Don’t have to hold it until you write your memoirs off in the distant future when retired either. Keep up the great efforts and many blessings to you both!

    Brother in Christ and God our Father,
    Lawrence Morra III

    1. Thank you so very much!

      1. Hey Danielle and Brooke you’re both very welcome my hat is really off to you for this endeavor and hard work you do but please be careful! I know you know what you’re doing but this world is imploding but yet you find the energy and strong positive spirit of God in all you do!!! I’m really impressed but that doesn’t matter you do and you must be really wise now at all times!

        My heart is with you both and I’ll pray for you. I’m very glad you stopped by months ago out of the blue and now again you reappeared after my message.
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  5. Petaled beauty! Thanks for sharing these.

    1. Thank you for reading! So happy you enjoyed 🙂

  6. Beautiful! I love wildflowers, and Israel’s are especially beautiful. 🙂

    1. Wildflowers really bring so much beauty to this world!

  7. Gorgeous colors, and your photography captures completely their vivid beauty. Impressive.

    Actually, long before I got to your section on lupines, it struck me how similar Israel’s country scenery is to a Swiss alpine meadow. At least it is after the rains.

    Considering the mountains are one of my “happy places,” you can imagine how deeply I savored your post, both the pictures and the descriptions.

    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed!! The mountains are truly so special and it really is crazy how similar it can be to the Swiss meadows!

  8. Gorgeous! You two are so photogenic!

    1. You’re so sweet!!

  9. John Gottberg Anderson

    July 13, 2021 at 2:47 pm

    Such beautiful floral photos, Danielle and Brooke. Thank you!

    1. Thank you!!

  10. Good to see you back! The poppy outfits are particularly stunning!

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  12. This is so beautiful.It seems like flowers introduced colour to this world

    1. Right? 🙂 What would we do without the colorful flowers!

      1. Our eyes will ask this question

  13. Great point re how quickly the wet Spring brings the flowers out and how short the whole period lasts. Just enough, of course, to set up the next spring “flower show”. Life takes advantage of whatever it is given and makes the most of it. 🙂

    1. I really like that photo of the one of you in the yellow dress. Damn. Really captures the feeling of the “goddess” rejoicing in her element, as it were.

  14. The pictures are similar amazing like the articles. There is nothing satisfying more than having a nice vacation in wonderful places. Thanks for sharing these wonderful moments with us.

    1. Thank you so much! So happy you enjoyed 🙂

  15. The blossoms are lovely — and so are you! Cheers, Muriel

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