Jerusalem Tiles | Travel Journal

Walking thought the narrow cobblestone streets, we found a charming little ceramic shop. The small steps leading up to the shop were covered with hand painted tiles. Inside were some of the most beautiful treasures; richly painted bowls of fruit, rose covered tea sets, budding flower vases, painted songbirds…a mosaic of delicately painted tiles that looked like a garden of color.

As we continued on our way through Jerusalem, each street seemed to be a work of art, a mosaic of shops, cafes, patisseries, bistros and restaurants placed next to each other like the tiles. The doors, the shutters, everything seemed to match beautifully. Cobalt blues, royal blues, grass greens, faded pinks, each of them looking beautiful against the ancient cream stones. Jerusalem’s streets are filled with so much character . Walking through the old streets you can’t help but wonder who may have walked here before and what their stories may have been.  After all, Jerusalem is one of the most ancient, still inhabited cities of the world. There are few places with more diverse of a history. We stopped to take a picture beneath a leaning tree full of blossoms.



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