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Interesting little trinkets everywhere. 1960s cameras, vintage tea sets, leather bags, and piles and piles of what some would think junk lying on the somewhat dirty streets. But somewhere, somehow, the goodies can be found. Vintage, retro, if you’re lucky even antiques. The flea market in Haifa, Israel, also known as Shuk HaPishpeshim שוק הפשפשים is full to the brim of unique pieces and amazing goodies just waiting to be found.

Haifa Flea Market Israel

Unlike Israel’s other famous flea market is Jaffa, the flea market in Haifa tends to be less frequented by tourists, making it all the better destination! Far better prices, amazing finds, and kinder merchants. Don’t get me wrong, the flea market in Jaffa is also amazing, but it would probably be more classified as outdoor stores as the prices can get extremely high. In Haifa, however, it is still very much possible to get a good deal!

The Haifa Flea Market

Who doesn’t love a good flea market? The dusty smell of countless goodies all piled on top of each other, in a big disorganized mess. A treasure trove of amazing things waiting to be found. Vintage clip on earrings, hand knit sweaters from the 30s, retro sunglasses, 1960s polaroid cameras. It’s a treasure hunt.

Haifa Flea Market Israel

Haifa’s Flea Market is no exception. In fact, it’s a truly lovely balagan (Hebrew word for disaster) of goodies. Whether you’re looking for restored items or true vintage pieces, you can find it all!

One of our favorite shops in the market is called Bon Bon Vintage, a huge 600 square meter haven of vintage chairs, vinyls, typewriters, lamps, window panes and so so much more. A little coffee shop adorns the entrance as you walk into the maze of multiple levels of treasure hunting. The never ending doorways just lead to more and more rooms of pieces waiting to be discovered (and an photographer’s haven for amazing backdrops!) Not to mention that the owners were incredibly nice and friendly! By far our favorite spot in the marketplace.

Haifa Flea Market Israel

If you keep walking through the narrow streets lined with vendors selling their wares, you’ll be sure to find something that catches your eye. One shop that sells only vintage clothing, a plant store, homemade soaps, the options are endless.

Haifa Flea Market Israel

How to Get There

Haifa, located in Israel’s north, is about a two hour drive from both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Although the fastest way to get anywhere is usually by car, Israel does have a good public transportation system and it is possible to reach the flea market by both bus and train.

Haifa Flea Market Israel


Depending on where you are coming from, there are many, many different bus lines that run to Haifa. However, they usually do have a lot of stops, especially if coming from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv and it can take many hours to arrive. The perk is that you can get a bus that will take you pretty close to the flea market itself! Be sure to download the app Moovit to help you navigate throughout Israel.


In Israel, the train lines are very dependable and are probably the fastest way to arrive to the flea market in Haifa. Haifa’s main train station is under 2 km away from the flea market, so either a quick bus or a 20 minute walk and you’ll be right there! Again the Moovit app with help you get the fastest route!

When to Go

The Haifa Flea Market’s official hours are Monday- Friday from 9:00am to 3:00 pm, Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm, and Sunday from 9:00am to 7:00pm. As with all marketplaces, I would suggest going there early if you want to avoid the crowds. However, also be aware that some of the street vendors do not set up their goods until a bit later in the morning, so don’t go too early!

Haifa Flea Market Israel

Although most things in Israel are closed on Saturdays because of the Jewish Sabbath, Haifa is the exception and even has public transportation while the rest of the country does not. That means that the flea market in Haifa tends to be the busiest on Saturdays as many people come to visit the only marketplace that is really open. That means that more vendors will probably be there, meaning more goodies available, but there will also be more people!

Things to Do in Haifa

Haifa is Israel’s third largest city, after Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, meaning that there is no end of amazing things to do in this underrated city!

Bahai Gardens

The Bahai Gardens are by far Haifa’s most famous tourist attraction. Stunning terraces make their way up the Carmel Mountain of this holy site to the Bahai faith. Stunning views, amazing architecture, and incredibly unique history, this is not a place to be missed!


Israel is a very lucky country, with over 250 kilometers of coastline! That means that many of its major cities are right on the beach. Haifa is no exception! The city boasts a number of lovely beaches, so be sure to consider taking a dip on your visit!

Carmel Mountains

Haifa sits right on the slopes of the Carmel Mountains, giving the city some truly stunning views. Beach and mountains in one? Hard to beat! But the area around Haifa also has countless amazing hikes and forest excursions into the surrounding mountains.

Check out this post for some countryside inspiration in the Carmel Mountains: 4 AMAZING PLACES TO VISIT IN NORTHERN ISRAEL | DAY TRIP ITINERARY

Tips for Visiting the Flea Market in Haifa

Haifa Flea Market Israel
  • Bargain – The most important tip for visiting just about any marketplace in Israel is to BARGAIN. Bargain, bargain, bargain. Vendors are known to start out with a much higher price than they expect to actually get, so please make sure to at least bring it down a little bit! Especially if you’re visiting Israel as a tourist, they will try to raise the price even more.
  • Dig – At first it may seem a little overwhelming, the endless piles of what looks like junk, but the goodies are in there somewhere and you just have to dig for them. Lift up the piles, look underneath things, it’s all part of the flea market experience!
  • Have fun – There is so much to explore and enjoy in the area. Make the best of this amazing place!
Haifa Flea Market Israel

Looking for more amazing places to visit in Israel? Check out all of our tips and tricks for travel throughout the country.

Lots of Love and Safe Travels,

Danielle and Brooke, Colorful Sisters


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