A Shining Purim with Handmade Costumes

The idea suddenly came three days before Purim… The Sun and the Moon. The next day we journeyed to Jerusalem to purchase fabric and all the other little things that we would need to make the costumes and in less than half a day we made them. Nothing is impossible!

Purim Sameach! פורים שמח! May your Purim be as bright as the sun and the moon and you be filled with happiness!

IMG_20180228_094946..with logo
IMG_20180228_071547...25...with logo
IMG_20180228_071621 ...25...with logo
IMG_20180228_074716...25...with logo
IMG_20180228_071742...25...with logo
IMG_20180228_071823...25...with logo
IMG_20180228_075502...25..with logo

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  1. WanderingTravelr

    Loved your costumes! They are so elegant and unique 🙂

    • Two Vintage Paper Dolls

      I know this is the most delayed response ever but thank you so much for your comment 😍😊 somehow I missed it forever ago and just saw it 😊

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