DISCOVER Masada Fortress, Israel (and the Monochrome Fashion creations we designed for the visit)

Masada. Ancient fortress in the south of Israel. Built on an isolated rock plateau overlooking the Dead Sea. Tragic yet heroic history. The Masada Fortress was built in 30 BCE by King Herod. The stony compound boasts remains of palaces, bathhouses, extensive mosaics, and more. Masada is most famous for it’s EPIC story. The Jewish rebel soldiers of the Roman Jewish wars in 74 CE who barricaded themselves here until the Romans sieged the fortress. They were the last surviving fighters. According to the historian Josephus Falvius, rather than surrendering to the Romans, the zealots chose mass suicide. It was their form of honor in the face of defeat.

Masada is Israel’s MOST POPULAR TOURIST SITE, with almost 1 million visitors per year. It is a symbol of defiance and hope.

Camels in the desert route along the way

Can anyone guess how we got these pictures at this famous tourist site all ALONE? Well, heatwave is the simple answer. Actually so hot, they almost closed the entire site to visitors. Fortunately, although we weren’t allowed to use the cable car (despite the heat) we were allowed to walk up using the back route called the Roman Ramp.

Once you get to the entrance of the site, it’s truely amazing. The view of the Dead Sea, the remains of palaces, mosaic floors, and more. The amazing history.

When we were planning the outfits to wear for the photoshoot of this famous tourist site in Israel, we first decided on a khaki jumpsuit I made in the past. Actually specifically for a trip to Kenya. So this jumpsuit has so far made it on a safari in Kenya and now on top of Masada in the desert in Israel. I wonder where it will go next! (By the way IT HAS POCKETS) It fit so perfectly with the monochrome theme we wanted for the shoot. Coordinating and complimentary.

So the next step was just to find something coordinating for Brooke’s outfit. And then we remembered that I got this scrap of gold fabric for about $2. As I LOVE gold (and also stripes) I couldn’t resist. I had no idea what I wanted to make out of it, but I knew one day it would come to us. And here it was, the PERFECT match.

The design is super simple but elegant, with a big long bow down the back we pictured to be blowing in the wind. Exactly what we envisioned!

We’re still a bit in shock that there was only one couple on the whole site except for us, we were so incredibly hot the whole time, but it’s a MUST-SEE site in Israel, with an amazing history and deep meaning.

Sending love and happiness, Danielle and Brooke, Colorful Sisters


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