Handmade “Anthropologie” Blouse…for 1/16th of the price

Scrolling through our Instagram feed we saw a lovely blouse from Anthropologie and as much as we would have wanted to purchase it, in the current situation it’s almost impossible to get it to Israel and also probably not the wisest investment. So instead we decided to make one. We have a stockpile of fabrics in our house but also went to purchase some more before COVID-19 locked us inside (knowing this might last longer than expected) So as everyone was running to get toilet paper, we scurried to Nachalat Binyamin (the fabric central in Tel Aviv) to find fun fabrics to last us hopefully until all this craziness ends. Our priorities.

See our bell puff sleeve floral printed blouse below. Flowers make us happy so flowers everywhere.

It was a simple blouse to make from start to finish. See link for the inspiration blouse from Anthropologie. What we loved most were the bell sleeves and the flowiness of the whole blouse.

Hope you enjoyed.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the blouse and it’s inspiration šŸ™‚

Sending love and sunshine, Brooke and Danielle, Colorful Sisters

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