Tel Aviv Fashion with Boho Handmade Pants

Tel Aviv, Israel

Walking through the streets of Tel Aviv. We stop to take a picture beneath some beautiful red hibiscus flowers hanging over a green painted gate. We head to Shuk HaCarmel, the Carmel Market, to pick up some fresh vegetables and bright red radishes. We make one last stop at one of our favorite bakeries. As we get closer we can smell the freshly baked bread. We hurry to get there. Life is beautiful.

Both pairs of pants are handmade 🙂 The red rose pants are a bit more flared and were made out of a vintage red rose fabric we found (also made the headband from some scraps of fabric we had leftover). The green pair of pants is super comfy and casual. The fabric used to be a set of sheets we found at a thrift shop. #recycle


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