BEST Hike in Kenya – Mount Longonot, Stunning Volcano Adventure | Naivasha

Mount Longonot. Endless, stunning expanses. Exhilarating hike. Unmatched memories. When I first visited Kenya, I was determined to explore beyond just the typical safaris and into the more hidden treasures of the country. Of course safaris are lovely and unique, but I knew that the country had so much more to offer. After searching long and hard for a day hike that I could do, I discovered the incredible Mount Longonot.

Mount Longonot

Although most people visit Kenya just for the safaris, it’s a shame to miss out on some other truly incredible things the country has to offer. Mount Longonot is located about 2 hours northwest of Nairobi and is the perfect choice for a day trip hike. A dormant volcano that erupted last in the 1860s, Mount Longonot is now one of the best hikes Kenya has to offer. Longonot comes from the Maasai word Oloonong’ot which means “mountain of many steep ridges”.

Mount longonot kenya hike

Multiple craters, full and robust forestry, and unmatched views of the Great Rift Valley and Lake Naivasha make the steep incline up the mountain more than worth it!

Hiking Mount Longonot

Mount Longonot contains in total about 14 km of trails. The incline, which is VERY steep (directly up) is about 3 km and it leads you to the crater rim. You can walk the loop all around the crater’s rim which is about 7 km before continuing down the same path (very steep decline). It is not a particularly challenging hike, especially if you take your time, but it is certainly invigorating. Taking your time, the hike will be about 4 hours total.

Mount longonot kenya hike

The views are majestic. You will see a small crater before reaching the enormous crater at the top. The paths are very clear, it’s difficult to get lost and there will most likely be other people on the narrow trail as well, but consider taking a guide along with you just in case. I hired a local Maasai guide for multi-day travels in the region and it was the best decision ever1 he was incredible, taught me about the plants and wildlife in the region, and gave me so many insights into the history and local culture.

Mount longonot kenya hike

There are many animals in the area itself. Riding up to the park entrance, we found ourselves face to face with a giraffe. It’s also possible to see zebras, gazelle, and on a very rare occasion…leopards and lions! I felt safe having a Maasai warrior with me just in case. 😅

Mount Longonot Cost

Mount Longonot is an official national park in Kenya and thereby has an entrance fee. For tourist, the cost is 20 USD. For citizens, the cost is around 2 USD. Most entrance fees/general costs in Kenya are at least 3-10x more expensive for tourists than for the locals.

Mount longonot kenya hike

How to Get There

Mount Longonot is conveniently located just 2 hours northwest of Nairobi. If you are in the capital city, Mount Longonot can easily be done with just a day trip from Nairobi. However, the areas is FULL of other amazing things to do, so I would highly suggest staying in the Naivasha region for at least 1-2 nights.

Mount longonot kenya hike

Hell’s Gate National Park (post coming soon) is one of Kenya’s most famous tourist attractions as it is the basis for the location of The Lion King. Remember the gorge where Mufasa dies…it’s a real place and you can do a bike safari through the national park. Lake Naivasha itself is also incredibly beautiful and is home to a plethora of hippos and lovely things to do.

It is however still a bit of a drive from Naivasha itself. My guide took me there on a boda boda (scooter) and it was almost an hour’s journey! It was really an amazing ride filled with zebras, giraffes, and Maasai villages. If you’re looking for a less adventurous option, a car will also easily help you arrive!

It is also possible to arrive by public transportation! Busses can drop you off at Mai Mahiu and then it is just about a 30 minutes drive/ride to Longonot.

Tips for Visiting Mount Longonot

  • Where to Stay – Naivasha is full of countless amazing options of places to stay. From luxurious resorts to shared cabins, there are plenty of options. If you just want a day trip, it is also possible to stay in Nairobi and leave early in the morning.
  • What to Bring – Bring lots of water of course and also some snacks. It’s only about a 4 hour hike, but it is nice to relax at the top of the crater and enjoy a little snack. My local Maasai guide recommended bringing milk, which seemed like an odd choice, but actually kept us hydrated and energized for the whole hike!
Mount longonot kenya hike
  • Go with a Guide – I usually never hire a guide for any experience. I prefer to explore alone, but for this hike and this region in general I would highly recommend the local Maasai guide who showed me so many hidden treasures, taught me so much, and was really just incredible. He took care of my every need, transported me around the countryside and made sure I stayed perfectly safe. Contact Joseph at +254 713 058 529 for a truly unforgettable experience. He doesn’t have WhatsApp or Instagram or even a smartphone for that matter, but I can promise you an amazing experience!
  • Explore the Area – The Naivasha area really has so many incredible places to explore. Conservancies, national parks, lakes, and so much more! If you have the time, explore!!
Mount longonot kenya hike

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Lots of Love and Safe Travels,

Danielle and Brooke, Colorful Sisters



  2. Kenya Masai is the wildlife photographers favourite place. I wish to visit Kenya someday and see the animals 😻

    1. It’s truly an amazing place!! So many things to photograph for sure. I have endless photos from my trips to Kenya haha

  3. We’ve hiked Mt Kenya, but this looks like a really nice day hike.

    1. I stayed at a lodge right by Mount Kenya but unfortunately didn’t have time to hike to the top! If I ever go back it’s on my list. What did you think of the scenery/views there? From what I’ve heard from others, it wasn’t anything too special. What did you guys think?

      1. I can’t believe they would say it wasn’t special! Maybe the views of the countryside weren’t spectacular but it’s such a gorgeous mountain with lush and rugged valleys and a rocky summit. We loved it. We did a post a couple of months ago if you want to see the pictures. Maggie

      2. Oo I want to take a look at your post! Going to go check it out!!

  4. Awesome!!!!! We would do this hike in a heartbeat! Excellent post with wonderful pictures! I like how detailed you are, it gives us the full knowledge of what to expect.

    All the best,


    1. Yess it’s really so amazing!! I had to do so much research before coming so I want to help other people have all the information in one place!!!

      1. Yes, those are our thoughts too! Why not show people how to do it? That’s one of the reasons we started our travel blog, and to share our adventures with family and friends.

  5. This ole Musafa will probably never make it to Kenya this side of Creation, but thanks for giving a glimpse of a place where Lion Kings roam. You gals are living life to its fullest. Never stop . . . Otra dia. Otra adventura!

    1. Oooo well I’m so happy that you could at least enjoy the pictures of the area hahahah. Thanks for the support!

    1. Truly lovely!! 🙂

  6. While reading about your discoveries, realised that it seems to always cost more for non citizens!!! Love being able to go out and about when I’m in the living room bazillions of experiences away!

    1. Hahahah yes exactly! It’s really crazy how much more expensive it is for the non-citizens! Happy that you are enjoying the virtual adventures 🙂

    1. It truly was!!

  7. That seems like a great trail to hike! Beautiful pictures too… Kenya is a dream destination for sometime in future, and your posts just increased the temptation 🙂

    1. Well hopefully you’ll have plenty of inspiration of cool things to do when you do eventually make it to Kenya! 🙂

  8. This looks like such a gorgeous hike wow. Where I am, there is currently snow everywhere. It looks so warm and pretty there. Thank you for sharing this as well as your experience. I am sure you guys were able to bond so much during this experience!!

    1. Yess it was really so incredible!! The whole experience was really lovely 🙂

  9. Wow this looks incredible!

  10. Sisters, What’s most obvious is how much joy you get out of being travelling fashion designers! And after all, why not?! As someone who moved to where I live twenty years ago both in order to live in Canadian wilderness and who weaves I have an intuitive connection to both:

    I find myself wondering what you would design for here?

    Carry on! Write if you wish.

    1. Oh wow amazing!! Sounds like such a dream. So happy that you followed your heart and moved to where you would be happiest!! We’ll have to think of what we’d design for the Canadian wilderness….would love to visit someday 🙂

      1. Thank you for visiting Kenya. I am a citizen of Kenya and I visited that place 7 years a go. It has amazing sceneries.

      2. It is a very beautiful country! So many lovely places to visit 🙂

  11. I’m approaching my 9th decade on this planet in another year or so, & probably have just a few more globe-trotting adventures in me. But I am SO pleased to have discovered your blog. Wonderful way to combine so much of the best in life, and sisterhood.

    1. Hopefully many more years of globe-trotting adventures to you!!! So happy that you came across our blog as well 🙂

    1. Beautiful place 🙂

  12. so beautiful…and colourful….would love to visit and experience it first hand….thanks for sharing this amazing part of God’s creation….truly blessed.

    1. I hope you are able to visit someday! It’s truly a lovely place 🙂

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