Dead Sea and the South

Handmade vintage Overcoats – Dead Sea Israel

Handmade overcoats at the Dead Sea, Israel



Bathing suits and cover-ups – Handmade

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  1. mikeosbornphoto

    Great idea! It’s so blisteringly hot there and the water isn’t much cooler…

    • Colorful Sisters

      Yesss it really is!!! The water in the summer is scalding!

      • mikeosbornphoto

        I found it was like getting into a hot bath 🛀 But an amazing place.

      • Colorful Sisters

        Exactly! It’s much nicer to visit in the cooler months. The summer is generally the worst time to visit. We try to avoid it!

      • mikeosbornphoto

        I was there last July and it was mostly 45C during the day (a lot of farenheit!)

  2. Dean Kyte

    Nice bespoke couture, Colorful Sisters. I like the brocade fastenings on the jacket on the right.

    Thanks for liking my post on dandy directors and for following my vlog. I’ll be sure to check in with your cool site and check out where you’re showing off your colourful creations!

    • Colorful Sisters

      Thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing your futures posts 🙂

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