Dead Sea and the South

Handmade vintage Overcoats – Dead Sea Israel

Handmade overcoats at the Dead Sea, Israel



Bathing suits and cover-ups – Handmade

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  1. mikeosbornphoto

    Great idea! It’s so blisteringly hot there and the water isn’t much cooler…

    • Colorful Sisters

      Yesss it really is!!! The water in the summer is scalding!

      • mikeosbornphoto

        I found it was like getting into a hot bath 🛀 But an amazing place.

      • Colorful Sisters

        Exactly! It’s much nicer to visit in the cooler months. The summer is generally the worst time to visit. We try to avoid it!

      • mikeosbornphoto

        I was there last July and it was mostly 45C during the day (a lot of farenheit!)

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