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Eilat, Israel. The ever-hot, immensely beautiful oasis of the Israeli desert. The southern most point of the country, it’s definitely a bit of a drive out of the way (around 4 hours) but it’s totally worth a visit. Packed with one of a kind things to do and places to see, Eilat is more than just a place to relax on the beaches of the Red Sea.

1. Snorkeling in Eilat

No trip to Eilat is complete without at least a short excursion to go snorkeling. The Red Sea is famous for its stunning array of coral, fish, and warm, clear waters. There are countless places that you can go snorkeling at Eilat’s many beautiful beaches.

Snorkeling in eilat, Israel

2. Dolphin Reef Beach, Eilat

Who would miss an opportunity to see dolphins? And even possibly swim or snorkel where they are known to swim. The Dolphin Reef Beach in Eilat is one of the area’s most famous tourist attractions. Walking out onto a pavilion, you can gaze into the deep blue waters and watch as the dolphins swim and play all around you. They are free to swim anywhere in the sea but they spend most of their time in this area, so you won’t be disappointed!

Dolphin Reef Beach in Eilat Israel

3.Timna Park

Even if you’re not a big fan of nature and history, I promise you-Timna IS NOT TO BE MISSED. Incredible and unmatched rock formations, nooks of ancient history, stunning views, and wildlife…it doesn’t get much better than that! And to top it off, you can drive through the park and reach most of the amazing sites with just a 3-4 minute walk. For those who want more of an adventure there are certainly lots of hiking trails to offer.

Timna Park near Eilat, Israel

And don’t forget to check out the Hidden Lake right next to Timna Park- a beautiful greenish-blue lake in the middle of the desert.

Hidden Lake near Eilat Israel


4. View 4 Nations at Yo’ash Mountain

Have you ever had the chance to stand at the border of FOUR different countries? This amazing lookout (just a short drive from Eilat) is on the top of Har Yoash (Yoash Mountain). You will see the entire gulf of Eilat, Jordan is right across the way, Egypt’s border fence is visible to the naked eye, and Saudi Arabia is just a bit farther down (most easily seen on a clear day). Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia just a stone’s throw away!

Har Yoash near Eilat israel

5. Red Canyon

One of Israel’s most beautiful hikes and natural wonder of the desert, the Red Canyon is certainly one of the most remarkable places in the country. Just 20 minutes outside of Eilat, it only takes a few moments to reach this gem of the desert and any hiker would be ashamed to miss such a lovely location. Why is it called the Red Canyon? Iron oxides create a red, rusty hue in the sandstone rocks which only exemplifies in the presence of sunlight. A truly beautiful sight.

Red Canyon near Eilat Israel


6. Black Canyon – Canyon Schoret

The second canyon on our list, Canyon Schoret (the Black Canyon) is a very overlooked and underappreciated gem. Although it is a bit more for the hikers among us, everyone can enjoy it’s beauty. Sharp jagged mountains of all colors, rugged bumpy roads to reach the far off entrance, there won’t be many people visiting this beautiful location.

Black Canyon Schoret Eilat Israel


7. Underwater Observatory Park

Looking to see coral reefs, sharks, rare fish, and even sea turtle without stepping in the water? Eilat’s Underwater Observatory Park has all of that and more! An amazing way to learn about the complex and incredible wildlife in the ocean right nearby while also keeping the wildlife safe.

Although the drive to Eilat can be a bit far, there are so many things to do along the way. Check out our post: DRIVING TO EILAT? HERE ARE 6 PLACES TO STOP ALONG THE WAY TO BREAK UP THE LONG TRIP! for lots of fun ideas!

All the Best and Safe Travels,

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