Visiting Shuk HaPishPeshim | Tel Aviv – Jaffo

Jaffa, Israel

Shuk HaPishpeshim. We don’t know if it’s more fun to just say the word or to wander through Jaffa’s flea market. There are things and things everywhere, treasures waiting to be discovered and haggled over. Retro chairs with thick striped pillows, delicate glass chandeliers, vintage backgammon boards, piles and piles of woven and embroidered fabrics.





Silk scarves, old beach postcards, and dusty old steamer trunks covered with vintage luggage labels. Antique clocks, stacks of old rose and lilac painted dishes, and teacups covered with Forget Me Nots. And under a big mountain of books we find a small, well loved leather book of Hebrew poems with old pictures and pressed flowers hidden in the pages. Then there’s an old aqua blue typewriter waiting for a good story, needlepoint rugs, and tons of trinkets and goodies. Sellers try to pull you in to explore all that they have to offer. Spend hours, or even days, there and I’m sure you could not even come close to seeing everything.


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