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Timna Park – Experience the Majesty of the Negev Desert | Israel

Astonishing. Brimming with history. Treasure trove of geological wonders and one-of-a-kind sights. Hidden in the expanse of the Israeli Negev desert in Southern Israel, Timna Park simply cannot be missed.

Visiting Timna Park

Timna Park is located at Israel’s most southern tip, just 15 minutes drive from the resort city of Eilat. 15,000 acres of desert landscapes, fascinating history, unique geological formations, and beautiful wildlife make for a perfect excursion.

Timna Park Israel Desert

5 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Timna

Timna Park is full of incredibly amazing sights, ancient rock engraving, Israelite tabernacle replicas, ancient copper mines, a hidden oasis, and stunning canyons. A safari like trip around the park is full of wonder.

1. Mushroom Rock

Perhaps the most famous of all of Timna’s incredible rock formations, the Mushroom Rock is named for its striking resemblance to a mushroom. Throughout history the rock eroded more rapidly at the bottom of the structure giving it a memorable shape. On the way to the Mushroom Rock you’ll pass a small visitor’s center with remains and information about an ancient copper mine in the area (one of the oldest in the entire world).

Timna Park Israel Desert Mushroom Rock

2. Spiral Hill

After driving through the entrance of Timna, you’ll be amazed by the sheer beauty of the landscapes around you. And then, as you gaze at the mountains and skies, your eyes will wander to a very distinct sight. A rock that seems to spiral into the sky, like a little huge Hersey Kiss in the middle of the desert. As tempting as it is, you can’t really climb up the rock, but it’s certainly a beautiful sight.

Timna Park Israel Desert Spiral Rock

3. Solomon’s Pillars

One of the most stunning and overwhelming areas of Timna Park, Solomon’s Pillars are another example of this park’s incredibly unique rock formations. The pillars were formed as a result of erosion along the cracks of the sandstone. Just a few minutes walk from the pillars, you’ll also find an ancient Egyptian temple for the goddess Hathor.

Timna Park Israel Desert Solomon's Pillars

4. Hidden Lake

Technically outside of Timna Park proper (just a few minutes drive away), the Hidden Lake is a site not to be missed. Unlike the manmade oasis within Timna Park itself, this surprising lake is 100% natural. No one expects to see a bright greenish-blue lake in the middle of the desert, but this lake is there to shock us all!

Timna Park Israel Desert Hidden Lake

5. The Empty Road

The desert is famous for its beauty. But the area around Timna park is a whole other level. The jagged, harsh mountains of multiples shades of brown, gray, and red juxtapose majestically against the cloudless blue sky. The road leading up to Timna Park has one of the most beautiful views that I have seen. Stop to appreciate it before entering the park itself.

Timna Park Israel Desert

How to Get There

Timna Park is located at the southernmost point of Israel, in the Negev desert. It is quite a distance from most of the big cities of Israel, but it is only about a 15 minutes drive from the resort city of Eilat.

Where to Stay near Timna Park

Timna Park is located in the desert, far away from everything. If you are looking to visit, you’ll most likely need to spend at least one night in the area. It is possible to pitch a tent and camp at Campsite provided by the park itself, to stay on a kibbutz in the area (such as Elifaz) or to choose from one of the countless hotels or Airbnb’s available in Eilat itself.

Tips for Visiting Timna Park

  • CAR – Although Timna Park offers many hiking options and bike trails, the best way to explore the park is most likely by car. Arriving to the park is nearly impossible without a vehicle and all the sites are quite a distance apart.
  • HEAT – Timna is located very far south in Israel’s scorching desert. It will be sunny and murderously hot. If you are planning on hiking, do not go in the daylight hours of the summer. Bring water!!
  • GET A MAP – Maps are available at the entrance to the park and they will be super useful if you are looking to locate multiple aspects of the park. Timna Park is quite large and it can be easy to mistakenly pass by some of the coolest things to see.
  • COST – The entry fee for adults in Timna Park is about 40 NIS (~12 USD)
Timna Park Israel Desert

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Lots of Love and Safe Travels,

Danielle and Brooke, Colorful Sisters

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  3. Vansh Tiwari

    What I love is, you guys are having a good sense of photography and styling, that’s what I like apart from writing a blog. I really appreciate the efforts who try to give justice to their content. I haven’t been to TIMNA PARK but keep innovating in your photographs, that’s the plus point you guys are having.

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    Iโ€™ve had the privilege of visiting Israel. A highlight of my life! What a beautiful post, ladies, in all respects! ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ

    • Colorful Sisters

      Yayy so happy you were able to visit! It’s a lovely place…and thanks so much!

  7. capost2k

    Absolutely beautifulโ€ผ๏ธ And the scenery is nice, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Seriously, Israel has long been on my bucket list. Every Passover/Resurrection Day, I say โ€œNext year in Jerusalem!โ€ Hopefully, soon Anita and I will make it there! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    • Colorful Sisters

      Thanks so much!! I hope you get to visit one day ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I love the landscape! and the mushroom rock is very cool!

    • Colorful Sisters

      I know right?! Such a unique formation ๐Ÿ™‚

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    You two are beyond amazing. Sadly, I did not go farther south than Masada.

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    Thank you for showing us a world we may never see in person. Fabulous work!

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      Thank you so much!! I’m so happy you enjoy “exploring” the world a bit with us ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Simon

    What a place, so rugged and beautiful and like Earth and another planet.

    • Colorful Sisters

      Exactly! It really felt as if we were on a different planet for a little bit ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Your pictures are gorgeous. I had couple of professors in undergraduate and graduate school who had done archeological digs there. I saw many pictures in class of Timna. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Away We Go

    Hey girls! Nice photos, these rock formations are awesome. We haven’t been to the part os the world yet, but we are huge hikers as you can see by our posts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Colorful Sisters

      Hopefully you can visit one day! There are so absolutely amazing hikes in the area ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Nancy Ruegg

    Your photos are wonderful! If we ever get to visit Israel again, I’d love to see these amazing formations for myself! I’m another who never traveled farther south than Masada.

    • Colorful Sisters

      I hope you’ll be able to visit again sometime! So many unique places ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. For Tyeth

    Greetings Sisters, you totally fooled me with your picture of Spiral Rock – at first I thought you were in Wadi Rum (Jordan), a filming location for the final Star Wars film. There is a pivotal scene where a hero dies near to a large rock outcrop just like the one in your images. It is startling how similar Timna Park’s scenery is to Wadi Rum.
    And I have to congratulate you on your images, the photography and style is better than some I have seen in print and online media of the “big name” magazines and journals. Thanks for sharing them.

    • Colorful Sisters

      Yess it does look very similar to Wadi Rum! We visited there a few years ago and the geography and geology are very similar. It is also very close geographically so it makes sense that it looks very similar! And that you so very much for your wonderful compliment! So happy that you enjoyed ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Thanks for liking and following my blog. I have followed you too.


    Great pics! I’d love to visit Israel sometime.

    • Colorful Sisters

      Thanks so much!! Hope you can visit someday ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Beautiful location. Beautiful poses. Beautiful clothes. You’ve got style.

  22. Ash Douglas

    Would love to get lost there. Great post!

    • Colorful Sisters

      The perfect place to just get lost and roam! So beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. terrifiedamateur

    Beautiful! Your photography and descriptions are a wonderful antidote to the grey drabness that seems permanent here, amidst a Northeastern (US) winter. Thanks much for the vacation, at least for my imagination!

    • Colorful Sisters

      Ooo so happy you could have a little bit of sunshine! Hopefully the spring will come soon even to the northeastern US

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    Ladies, many thanks for following my site and your pictures are just superb. What a sky, just a bit different to Norfolk. Stay safe, John

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      Thank you so much as well! Happy you enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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    What a beautiful place!

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    great photography and two really lucky sisters! May your traveling star be benign forever!

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    Simply stunning.

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    Great photography. Israel on my bucket list.

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    Very good. You demonstrate such a real, in-depth appreciation of the desert and the whole environment. Great photos. I know you will keep up the great work.

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    wow, wonderful pictures and vivid descriptions, you make it real fun… travelling and photography.. kudos

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    Hi Brooke and Danielle,

    You recently visited and ‘liked’ my Kookynie Courier blog Down Under, so thank you. I don’t really understand how you found me, but I’m grateful for having the opportunity to reciprocate by discovering your world too.

    The composition of your fashion sense and creations, lovely colours, great landscape photos with really stylish photo sets, is just terrific. And you two look like very close sisters, complementary ‘book ends’ indeed! The whole look and feel is joyful and fun, with plenty of learning about the places visited.

    So, congratulations, and wishing you well for future travels.

    Kind regards,

    Peter O’Hara

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    Beautiful images of the area…and you gals look great ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I am so glad I have stumbled across your blog! What fuuuun! Love that you gals can write, take awesome pics, make gorgeous clothing and you get to do it all while travelling. I hope you head on down to Australia one day ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    • Colorful Sisters

      Oh wow thank you soooo much!! So sorry for the late response. We’re so happy that you enjoy, it means the world to us! We would loveeee to come visit Australia one day, Hopefully tourism opens soon!

  36. Alchemical

    Very beautiful and very similar to southern Utah and northern Arizona north east of the grand canyon.

    • Colorful Sisters

      Yess exactly!! Everyone seems to think it is Antelope Canyon at first glance haha

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    OmG your photos so amazing. This place my wishlist.

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      Thank you so very much!! Hope you get to visit sometime!

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    But I was on a mission for a while and not doing much follow up with anything online, except staying on mostly my one topic. I’ve been waiting for some answers from above to be honest, as to how to proceed with a couple of time consuming matters.

    Anyway, I think my answers were born out of the turmoil of the last year and my priorities are shifting. I just thought about both of you and wondered why I stopped getting any notifications; so I looked to find out why that was and seems like you had a respite like me. And, so I wanted to say I hope you are both fine.
    If you get the chance let me know by stopping by or zip me an email if you like. Take care.

    • Colorful Sisters

      Thanks so much for checking in! We have been taking a bit of a break lately as well but are ramping up soon and will be posting lots more adventures and fun soon!! Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Lawrence Morra

        WOW! I just thought again this morning about that message in a bottle I sent to both of you and how I was concerned a lot about no response yet; seemingly how you dropped off the radar in a sense! Actually I thought about, how at the time when I sent that last comment as it was basically the first time, I may have been unclear due to my own circumstances and that may have affected my response too much; besides not perhaps explaining a bit more of what I meant about not wanting to disappoint you.

        But, all is well that ends well and I’m very happy to hear from you and know youโ€™re fine; Right! Oh, and I may have been a bit corny before. Anyway, because of the fact that you were overseas and a crazy world has been made crazier over the last year, after reading about some of the policies on Covid in Israel, and not being what I expected that got me more concerned thinking what if you didnโ€™t want the jab and had to! Then only God knows if that will have any serious side effects which of course none of us knew too much how that would pan out over time; until now!

        Now what Iโ€™m saying is, I should have been more thoughtful to you both because I said you are brave ladies, but I didnโ€™t know all the circumstances, and itโ€™s not like me to be brash toward such nice people; especially when so much was going on! I got a bit more comfortable that you were in Israel because good doctors like Professor Bishara there โ€œspeaking truthโ€ about the pandemic from the start, was somebody I kept following to see how things played out, but I just assumed Israel would be one of the best places to be! I think I could have and should have done much better, so I apologize! I hope to God Almighty that all is well with you!

        You must be busy but keep tabs here or on my email if you like I really want to know how things are going and will proceed! Very interesting journey and work youโ€™ve both been engaged in; Iโ€™m sure itโ€™s story already! Beautiful photography and designing you do! Check this little blog article I posted back around then. Again, very good to hear from you! Take care and see you later!

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