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Stunning Gem of the Israeli Desert – Nitzana Hillocks | White Rock Dunes

If there was ever something that is the definition of a hidden gem, Nitzana is it. This location is so incredibly dreamy and yet so few people ever visit. It’s understandable, I guess, since it is deep in the Israeli desert, far away from anything and everything. It felt like we were walking on the moon, not just because of the remoteness, but because of the empty, stunning beauty.

Nitzana Hillocks Hamukei Nitzana Israel Nitsana

Nitzana Hillocks is the technical name written on the signs of this awesome place on the Israeli/Egyptian border. In Hebrew it’s called “Hamukei Nitzana” which directly translated means Nitzana’s curves or bosom. (Nitzana is a female Hebrew name). The rounded, smooth rocks were created by thousands of years of natural weathering from flash floods in the desert.

Nitzana Hillocks Hamukei Nitzana Israel Nitsana

The rocks look like tall striking sand dunes, but in all reality they are natural chalk rocks. You brush up against it, you sit on it, you walk nearby and you will be covered in white chalk dust.

Visiting Nitzana – Our Experience

Nitzana Hillocks Hamukei Nitzana Israel Nitsana

When we visited there was absolutely no one there, as it’s quite a bit far from everything, we weren’t too surprised. Visiting on our way to Eilat (link to Eilat post coming soon) at Israel’s most southern tip, this was a perfect stop along the way.

Nitzana Hillocks Hamukei Nitzana Israel Nitsana

Right across the way from these rocks is the ancient town of Nitzana. We didn’t have time to stop there on this trip but earlier in the morning, we stopped at Shivta (post coming soon) another ancient Nabatean city along the spice route. In Israel there are four such well preserved Nabatean cities: Shivta, Avdat (another post thats coming soon), Moa, and Nitzana. In Jordan there are more such villages, the most famous being Petra.

Here at Nitzana, besides the cool chalk rocks, there is also a special type of quartz that is formed in thin, deep layers within the chalk rock. It almost looks like thin, flaky pieces of white chocolate.

Nitzana Hillocks Hamukei Nitzana Israel Nitsana

How to Get to Nitzana

Nitzana Hillocks Hamukei Nitzana Israel Nitsana

The easiest way to get to Nitzana is by car. Depending on which route you take if you drive from Tel Aviv, it’s not too far of a detour from the route to Eilat, which is why this amazing place was included in one of our stops along the way. To see more amazing places to stop along the drive check out this post here (link coming soon)

Photoshoot in Nitzana

Nitzana Hillocks Hamukei Nitzana Israel Nitsana

Knowing that this is such a dreamy place, we knew the photoshoot here had to be super special. We made this purple ruffly dress specifically for Nitzana! Check out the blog post here: (link coming soon). Endless purple ruffles in this wanderlust land couldn’t be a more perfect fit. And the amazing vintage clip-on earrings that match as if they were made for the dress!

Nitzana Hillocks Hamukei Nitzana Israel Nitsana

Brooke’s outfit is an authentic vintage muumuu dress from the 70s. The cloud-like floral design complimented the purple so beautifully and also the clear blue skies and the white chalk rocks. It all seemed so unreal.

Nitzana Hillocks Hamukei Nitzana Israel Nitsana

We also brought along a couple of props-purple and blue vintage books and matching shoes, to highlight the beauty even more. Not to mention how dreamy it would have been to just sit in this remote place and read for hours!

Nitzana Hillocks Hamukei Nitzana Israel Nitsana

Tips for Visiting

  • WALK barefoot if you can. The rocks are so smooth it’s such an amazing feeling to be walking and climbing barefoot. Only try this in the morning or evening though as the desert sun can cause the ground to heat up very quickly.
  • REMOTE. Nitzana is in a very remote area. If you happen to be staying at one of the local farming communities nearby like Ezuz, it’s a great day trip option.
  • HOT. Nitzana is located deep in Israel’s desert. That means that it’s HOT. Come prepared as there is no form of park entrance (it’s not a park) to this area where you can buy food or water. There is a little shade because of the rock formations, depending on the time of day, but overall it’s pretty barren and the sun will be beating down strongly.
  • DON’T FORGET to visit one of the awesome ancient Nabatean cities nearby, whether it be Nitzana right across the way or Shivta (link coming soon), Avdat, or Moa. They are some of the most underrated and amazing places.
Nitzana Hillocks Hamukei Nitzana Israel Nitsana

Have you ever visited a similar place? Walked on the moon? Let us know in the comments below!

If you’re looking for more amazing things to do in the area check out this post here:

Lots of Love and Safe Travels,

Danielle and Brooke, Colorful Sisters

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  1. Cindy Georgakas

    these are so amazing!!!!


    This is so beautiful and the dresses are absolutely gorgeous! Is Nitsana near the Flour Caves? It is a bit similar in its chaulkiness.

    • Colorful Sisters

      Thank you so much!! We’ve actually never been to the flour caves! But they sound so cool!! They’re also in Southern Israel but a bit far away so I’m not sure if the chalkiness is the from the same source

  3. Lov Verma

    fab article! very vivid and evocative!

  4. Timothy Price

    Excellent post. Here’s another similarity. We have White Sands National Monument that are sandy white sand dunes in New Mexico. There are lots of similarities in desert places.

    • Colorful Sisters

      wow we haven’t been to New Mexico but its on our list for sure. Well definitely look up the White Sands National Monument. Thanks for the tip!

  5. TimC

    Great post. Lovely travel imagery.

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    • Colorful Sisters

      Thank you so much!! It’s an AMAZING place ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Colorful Sisters

      We’re so happy too to have come across your blog!

  10. The Wild Coach

    Great colours! Keep travelling

    • Colorful Sisters

      Thanks so much!!! The colors here are so naturally stunning ๐Ÿ˜

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  12. Angela

    Fun and beautiful pictures!

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