Southern Israel: The 4 Outfits We Made SPECIFICALLY for Our Trip to the Desert October 28, 2020 - What's the perfect fusion of traveling and fashion? Lucky for us, we found the perfect way to combine two of our most favorite things. Are you ready to see the… Continue reading
Pink Lake? Turkey’s Amazing Salt Lake – Tuz Golu October 25, 2020 - When I first stumbled across photos of the Pink Lake in Turkey, I was in awe. I had never seen people visit here before and I soon found out that… Continue reading
Driving to Eilat? Here are 6 Places to Stop Along the Way to Break up the Long Trip! October 19, 2020 - Eilat, Israel with its beach hotels, snorkeling, and ever hot weather is a very popular tourist destination. It is about a four-hour drive direct from the Tel Aviv area, which… Continue reading
The Most Incredible Lodge by Mount Kenya – Olepangi Farm | Laikipia, Kenya October 14, 2020 - On my second visit to Kenya, I wanted to explore an area I had never visited before. I went to a safari at Masai Mara, the most famous reserve, traveled… Continue reading
4 Amazing Places to Visit in Northern Israel | Day Trip Itinerary October 11, 2020 - Looking for an amazing day trip to Northern Israel? Israel is such a diverse and beautiful country. Northern Israel, in particular has so many amazing gems to offer. We have… Continue reading
What it’s Really Like to Stay in One of Goreme’s Famous Cave Hotels | Cappadocia October 8, 2020 - Cappadocia is famous for many things beyond just the beautiful array of hot air balloons that take off every morning. One of the best experiences in the region is staying… Continue reading
Ihlara Valley – Stunning River Gorge in the Desert | Cappadocia, Turkey October 5, 2020 - Ihlara Valley. It is an incredibly remarkable place. In the middle of a desert region, no water around except for the undrinkable Salt Lake, you'll find the beautiful, lush Ihlara… Continue reading
Karura Forest – Nature Trails, Orange Waterfalls, and Cafe | Nairobi, Kenya September 30, 2020 - A lovely little surprise in the middle of the city, Karura Forest is a gem of Nairobi. With over 50 kilometers of walking, biking, and nature trails, this is one… Continue reading
Rose Valley and Red Valley, Cappadocia, Turkey | Hiking September 28, 2020 - Rose Valley and Red Valley are among the most beautiful places in Cappadocia. Just a few minutes walk outside of Goreme, you will come across amazingly beautiful rock formations arrayed… Continue reading
Stunning Gem of the Israeli Desert – Nitzana Hillocks | White Rock Dunes September 25, 2020 - If there was ever something that is the definition of a hidden gem, Nitzana is it. This location is so incredibly dreamy and yet so few people ever visit. It's… Continue reading


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