Tea Time? Stunning Tea Farms, Horse Ride, and Picnic in Tigoni – Nairobi | Kenya

Little sounds more romantic than horseback rides and picnics through the countryside on a sunny and warm day. Add on endless and stunning tea farms as far as the eye can see, and you have yourself the perfect day. If you’re staying in Nairobi and are looking for the perfect day trip to the countryside, Tigoni is the place for you. Tea farms, picnics, and horseback riding.

Tigoni Tea Farms

As you drive outside of Nairobi towards the lovely tea region of Tigoni, you’ll be sure you’re in the correct spot as the landscape will change drastically very quickly. From dusty, small towns to endless fields shiny green tea leaves as farm as the eye can see, on both sides of the road. An endless expanse of amazing scenery. You can even pass through a town called Banana on your way!

Tigoni Tea Farm Nairobi Kenya

There are many options of tours of the tea farms in the region. One of the most famous being Kiambethu Farm, which offers tours and lunch on their stunning plantation grounds for $35 per person. You can also go biking, hiking, or horseback riding in the area.

After flowers, tea is Kenya’s largest export and in 2018, Kenya was the largest producer of black tea in the whole world! Although Kericho in western Kenya produces more tea, Tigoni is also certainly a very prosperous tea region in the country.

Tigoni Tea Farm Nairobi Kenya

Although it seemed like a crime, we actually didn’t have the chance to drink tea on our visit to this famous tea region (I’ve had Kenyan tea in general though, just not that day)

Horse Ride at Kawamwaki Farm

The way we came across this beautiful region was actually on our search for a new place to go horseback riding. Although the normal places we were used to going were always nice, it’s always fun to explore new places. Just about 30 minutes outside of Nairobi, Kawamwaki Farm and Horse Stables seemed like a wonderful option.

Tigoni Tea Farm Nairobi Kenya Horses

The farm produces organic tea, vegetables, herbs, and more. But we were more interested in the horses! A horse ride through the tea plantation sounded like a dream. For about $18 per person per hour, we were able to go for a long ride around the premises. Although it was a little confusing reaching the stables, about 10 minutes drive off the main road, when we reached the remote location it was entirely worth it!

Kawamwaki Farm Tigoni

The owner of the farm is British family that have since gone back the UK, but left the farm in the hands of their local staff members. A guide came with us for our 2 hour ride around the plantation lands.

Tigoni Tea Farm Nairobi Kenya Horse

Starting off on the main road, we soon made some turns into the rows and rows of tea plants, walking the horses through the amazing views of green. We passed a lovely, hidden waterfall along the way, watched the workers pick and sort through the tea leaves, and had many opportunities to canter and even gallop up the hills, discovering incredible views.

Picnic in Tigoni

No day trip is complete without a picnic! There are many options of nice places to eat in the Tigoni area, but we decided that a picnic is far more suited for the day. We packed a few sandwiches, cake, fruit, and champagne and made our way to the find the perfect spot.

Tigoni Tea Farm Nairobi Kenya Picnic

The farm workers helped us find the perfect spot, far away from everyone else but still on their compound. Right underneath a tree blooming with purple flowers, it couldn’t be more ideal. And what better place to take a little afternoon nap after a long and eventful day?

Tips for Visiting Tigoni

  • Insects– as there are some ponds in the area I would suggest (even more than normal) to bring along some bug spray. Still water always brings about more mosquitos so be extra careful!
  • Where to Stay– Of course it’s possible to stay in Nairobi as Tigoni is only about a 30 minute drive away, but if you’re looking to get away for the whole weekend, Kawamwaki Farm does offer an adorable House & Studio to rent. Right near beautiful private picnic grounds!
  • Horses – Even if you have never ridden before, Kawamwaki Stables offers beginner rides and lessons, but they also have more advanced options. Although they do have helmets on site, if you have one of your own I would recommend bringing it as their options are few and not in the best condition.
Tigoni Tea Farm Nairobi Kenya

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