The SURPRSING Best Place to Stay near the Dead Sea- EinGedi Camping Lodge

Looking for the best place to stay on your way to the Dead Sea or Masada or Ein Gedi? Of course there are all the options of the super touristy hotels right next to the man made Dead Sea beaches. But in case you’re searching for the more authentic experience, WE HAVE THE PLACE FOR YOU.

Right outside of Kibbutz Ein Gedi (founded in 1953) and just overlooking the Dead Sea, while being surrounded by the Red Mountains behind, it’s certainly the most picturesque option – Ein Gedi Camp Lodge.

So there are a few options of sleeping accommodation. There are the tents that can fit up to 8 people per tent-either for a group or for a hostel type situation (which is what we took). But DON’T WORRY! There is air conditioning in each tent 🙂 And for only around $100 a night….it’s a pretty good deal. Check on the link here.

Option 2… are these adorable retro hippie style Volkswagen mini vans! Link here.

These are totally awesome low-cost options for visiting the Dead Sea. No you don’t have a private bathroom and you’ll be roughing it just a bit… but to wake up to the Dead Sea in front of you and the mountains behind you …totally worth it. Also it’s close to Masada and obviously Ein Gedi National Reserve.

Unfortunately we didn’t get any videos of the inside, or of the cute little bar and restaurant that they have right next door to the camp. Equipped with a ping pong table, books, games, and hammocks it’s the perfect place to chill and watch the sunset or the sunrise. Such an amazing vibe, especially on a Thursday night when all the locals from the neighboring communities come to mingle.

Sunset time is seriously a dream here, especially with the reflection of the Red Mountains making everything with a dewy pink glow.

Also don’t forget that you can go up to the Kibbutz and visit their AMAZING botanical garden!

Overall, was such an amazing stay! So close to everything, unmatched vibes, and the BEST views!!! Also super inexpensive. Here’s the airbnb if you wanna stay too!

Sending light and happiness, Brooke and Danielle, Colorful Sisters


  1. I always enjoy a blog that creates its own content. As a photographer, I’m curious as to who does your photography when both of you are in the image. Although a tripod and delayed remote trigger is what I use if I want to be in it.

    1. Thank you so much! When it’s both of us it’ll usually be Brooke’s boyfriend who takes the pictures 😊. Sometimes we do use a tripod with a remote, but we try to avoid it as it takes so much more time!

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