Crochet Daisy Granny Square Crop Top in the Heart of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a pretty hipster city. Vegan capital of the world. Riding bicycles all around. Just about every guy you see has a beard. Small coffee shops on every corner. The styles, the glasses, the look. So there’s that side of Tel Aviv…. but then there’s another side. The other side is the beach city. Chill vibes, crop tops, surfboards, tans, ICE CREAM.

So here we have a little combination of the two. Retro style HANDMADE crochet granny square crop top and thrifted jean dress on Brooke in the center of Tel Aviv. Somehow these two outfits just perfectly fuse together Tel Aviv’s split personalities.

So where should I start? Details about this awesome location or details about the fashion? Let’s go with the FASHIONN! At out house we always have bags full of excess materials, be it fabric or yarn or sewing materials. Sometimes we get too much, and knowing we’ll use it one day, we shove it in a bag and hope that one day it gets remembered. Well, sweet little brown yarn, looks like your day finally came. We originally got the yarn to make a little teddy bear for our friend’s new baby but clearly HUGELY overmastered how much we would need and we ended up with 3 extra spools of brown yarn. I really wanted to make a daisy granny square top (Yes, again), but the original plan was to have it black and yellow. BUT, then I looked in our bag of abandoned yarns and had to give this brown a chance. So switched around the colors a bit, and began to work on my brown and yellow daisy crop top.

And soo I began to crochet. Really, I love crocheting. It’s something pretty relaxing and easy to do whenever I have some free time; be it on the bus or while watching a movie or while sunbathing outside.

The great thing about this pattern is that it is SO VERSATILE. You can literally pick any pattern you have for granny squares (just do a quick search online and there are hundreds!!), any colors you want, make enough granny squares to fit two rows around your chest, and you’re good to go! Sew the granny squares all together, attach some simple straps and voila! A lovely retro daisy granny square crop top! Like all crochet, it definitely takes some time, but not too complicated, just repetitive.

Knowing we definitely wanted this top for a photo shoot (Brooke was supposed to make a coordinating top but she never got around to it), we then picked out an outfit for Brooke and headed out VERY early to Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv. This is one of the most popular areas in Tel Aviv and we, as usual, wanted to get pictures without people in the background, and so, as usual, we chose to be early risers.

Brooke is wearing an adorable jean dress that she found at a thrift store near our house for around $5. Paired with a simple white t-shirt and a pair of faux-leather thrifted shoes. Tel Aviv style.

Ok so now a little bit about this location. Dizengoff Square is one of the most iconic spots in Tel Aviv. Usually bustling with people, street performers, and picnickers – it is one of the best places for a coffee and friends meet up on a Friday morning.
This fountain, before recent construction/renovation work, used to be a bright rainbow display known as “Fire and Water” with daily evening shows of…can you guess it fire displays and water displays.
I really feel like this square and fountain is the heart of Tel Aviv. The amount of people I have accidentally come across while just passing by here on a Friday morning is remarkable! I am looking forward to one day hopefully (maybe) seeing the famous water and fire display that this place has to offer!

Also has anyone ever heard of Bauhaus architecture? Well Tel Aviv (and the Dizengoff area) boasts sooooo many Bauhaus style buildings built between the 1920s and 1940s. Simplest description of Bauhaus architecture if you’ve never heard of it….Modern/International style. I literally love the style of these buildings that can be found all over Tel Aviv. They give off a chic yet quaint European cafe vibe and make for an amazing backgrounds for a photo 😅
This retro looking hotel faces Dizengoff Center (remember yesterday’s fountain) and a whole array of similar looking buildings. Wish we had a drone to get a more aerial shot of some of the awesome coordinating architecture!

Speaking of quaint European style, not too far from Dizengoff is one of our favorite and cutest book shops in Tel Aviv. (Also here you can see better details of this awesome thrifted dress and the thrifted shoes! I feel like Brooke is really giving us some Belle vibes in front of the bookshop)

This bookshop, Pollack books, in literally a wonderland of English and Hebrew, old and new, stairways and piles and piles and piles of books. It really is a must see!

So if you are visiting Tel Aviv make sure to check these iconic locations out and look around at the style of native Tel Avivians.

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Sending love and happiness, Danielle and Brooke, ColorfulSisters


  1. Hey Danielle and Brooke, it was wonderful to read your post and see your photos in Tel Aviv, it kind of made me remember my trip there two years ago 🙂 it was for New Years Eve and it was perfect because it was so warm ahah also, Tel Aviv is a party city and it was wonderful to try the local vegan food, definitely a must! All the best and greetings from Portugal, PedroL

    1. Two Vintage Paper Dolls

      June 9, 2020 at 1:37 pm

      Hi Pedrol! So happy you enjoyed the post and even more fun that you’ve been to Tel Aviv. Its already starting to warm up in Tel Aviv (we just had a heat wave about two weeks ago with 50 degree weather for an entire week!!!) It’s a great city to live in. Thanks so much for reading.

    1. Two Vintage Paper Dolls

      June 9, 2020 at 1:57 pm

      Thank you 😍😍

  2. tel Aviv is such an amazing city! Thanks for a trip down memory lane!

    1. It really is such an amazing place!!! When we’re you here in Tel Aviv? 🙂

      1. I am actually from Israel. Last time I was in Tel Aviv was about three years ago. Amazing city and the best for thrift stores 🙂

      2. Oh wow amazing!! We’re originally from the states but moved to israel about three years ago! If you have any thrift store reccomendations we’d LOVE to hear!

  3. I’m a big fan of Granny Squares. Love it!

    1. They’re the best!!! So retro and fun 🙂

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