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A fairy tale. A fairy tale of flowers and blue skies and rolling green hills and floral dresses located in the North of Israel. Like the story books that our parents read us when we were little. Skipping through the little dirt paths on the side of the mountains, listening to the babbling stream below, smelling the enveloping fragrance of the lupines swaying in the wind. Almost too beautiful to be true…But it is reality. At least reality for a few months. And maybe that’s what makes it so magical.

For this photo shoot/hike we designed these dresses specifically to match this scenery. Both dresses are the same cut just a different print.

During the majority of the year this area (and most of Israel) is dry and brown and the river is nearly empty, but after the winter rains, suddenly out of nowhere, this wonderland appears. The rains turn the grass green, the flowers appear, the river fills and is flowing. But after maybe a maximum of two months, it all disappears. The heat comes, the flowers slowly die, the water diminishes, and the green hills start to slowly turn their deserty brown.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s beautiful in that season as well. But the magical and short lived appearance of this fairyland of purple and blue flowers on saturated green hills is a sight not to be missed.

We got there early in the morning. The flowers were in their prime bloom and so we knew it would be busy. When we arrived there were maybe 10 other people ready to do the circular 8 km hike. There were two routes we could take, one being a little bit more difficult with a steep incline at the end. Wanting to avoid the crowds (and also for a little challenge) we went the more difficult way.

We had the baby cows, swaying lupines, and babbling stream practically all to ourselves… so it was worth the early rising (it always is). If it was a little warmer we could have jumped off the waterfall and gone for a swim. The temptation was real, but realistically who wants to finish 5 km of a hike in a wet dress? So we would just have to save that for next time.

Halfway through the hike, around 11:00, we started to see the crowds. Families, groups, individuals, they all swarmed the skinny little paths. Literally THOUSANDS of people descended upon “our” trail.

Grateful for our early arrival, we managed to only see the people at the end of our journey. The parking lot next to the village which had about four cars including our own in the morning, now was filled with hundreds.

So tips for this specific hike would be to GO REALLY EARLY! Israel is a small country filled with avid hikers and families who love to go on trips so the earlier the better. Also the flowers appear in the winter/early spring. We went at the beginning of March and as you can see in the pictures/video it was AMAZING!!

Enjoy more views of the hike and our handmade dresses in the video below 💙

Sending light and happiness, Brooke and Danielle, Colorful Sisters



  2. Seen your site for the first time. Love it.

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m so happy that you are enjoying 🙂

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