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Have you ever dreamed of going dog sledding? Did you maybe grow up watching the Disney classic Snow Dogs on replay and dreamed your whole life of giving it a try yourself? Well, in case you didn’t know, it is totally possible to go dog sledding and it is an INCREDIBLE experience. On our recent trip to Romania, on the top of our list was to go dog sledding in the mountains. And let me tell you, it was literally one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. We already had high expectations, but the experience far exceeded them.

The Only Place to Go Dog Sledding in Eastern Europe

Alaska and some Nordic countries like Finland are much more famous for their dog sledding adventures and opportunities, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not available in other places as well. Although this is the only place to go dog sledding in Eastern Europe, it’s something that you can’t miss on your trip to Romania. It is located in the Harghita Mountains of Northern Romania. You have the opportunity to go on a sled ride with huskies from December to March, depending on the weather. And this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Dog Sledding Experience

Growing up and watching the movie Snow Dogs really gives you certain expectations when it comes to going dog sledding yourself. I don’t know about you, but we literally had every word of this movie memorized since we were kids. As extreme dog lovers and Disney lovers, this movie was the perfect combination. Not to mention that it came out in the days of limited VHS and DVDs in the house. So whatever you had lying around, you watched a thousand times.

Anyway, we started out our adventure very early in the morning. Although Zoltan, our guide and business owner, usually starts his tours around 10am, he warned us the day before that the weather wasn’t looking too great. If we wanted to miss the rain, we would need to start early. We happily got up at 6:30 to arrive at the top of the mountain at 8:00.

It was a very cold morning (probably around 0 degrees), so we bundled up with countless layers, thermals, and many socks and gloves. We would be going to the top of the mountain and would be outside in the cold for at least an hour and a half. We had to be prepared. It took about a half hour to drive up the mountain as we were staying nearby, in Miercurea Ciuc. There was little snow on the mountains near the bottom, so we waited anxiously to see the hills starting to be covered in white.

We could hardly contain our excitement when we reached our destination and saw Zoltan getting the sled and dogs ready. We were cautious with the dogs as we approached. But we soon saw that they were the sweetest and most friendly creatures, eagerly awaiting cuddles, hugs, and affection. We also learned that Zoltan rescued all of the huskies. Now they are living their happiest lives, running in the snow covered mountains each day, even when he doesn’t have tours. You could see how excited the dogs were to get started as they pulled and barked, impatient to begin.

One of the Best Experiences in Romania

Two of us got to sit in the little seat while Zoltan steered the dogs, while the third person had to steer and “drive” the dogs themself. They were given a very small amount of training before it was time to begin. Once the last dog was attached, they were ready to go. They were released from the hold and the adrenaline and excitement was felt. We sped through the mountains at full force and top speed. Snow sprayed in our faces as we screamed from the excitement. Downhill and around corners. We tried to enjoy the wintery scenery as we sped by.

After a few rounds of roller coaster like riding and excitement, we took a break amongst the trees for some warm tea and plum whiskey that our guide had brought along with him. We laughed and talked and he told us how he spots bears often on his daily trips to the mountains. But “don’t worry”, he assured us, “they usually just run away”.

We started again for another round of fun as we sped through the mountains, dodging the dirt and debris that flew up at us as we were sitting in the little seat. Our faces were covered with mud, but we were having too much fun to notice. At every break point, the dogs ran up to us excited for kisses and attention. We couldn’t get over how happy, cute, and friendly they were. It was nice to see the huskies living their best lives in the snow and mountains, exercising heartily and regularly.

By the time we rounded to the end of our 10 kilometer loop, we were still on a high of adrenaline and excitement. It was everything that we were hoping for and so much more.

Where to Stay

The closest city to the dog sledding location in the mountains in Miercurea Ciuc. We stayed here at a very cute Airbnb and really enjoyed the relaxing experience. However, it is a fairly quiet town without too many interesting things to offer in the winter. We stayed here for three days as we were working remotely and enjoyed our spacious and cute Airbnb. If you are just vacationing, we wouldn’t recommend staying more than a day here. If you are open to driving a little bit in order to get to the dog sledding, the town of Baile Tusnad (about a 30 minute drive from Miercurea Ciuc) is a great place to stay. It is a thermal spa town that is a bit more touristic and offers some more interesting activities.

How Much Does it Cost to Go Dog Sledding

If you are interested in going dog sledding, there are a few different options, with varying price ranges. We decided to take the medium length trip, which was about 10 kilometers in length and an hour and a half of an experience. This cost us about €100 per person. If you want a shorter trip, you can have something as inexpensive as €20 for a 15 minute experience. For those who want a full day experience, including lunch you can pay €300 for a 20-25 kilometer journey through the mountains.

For full details check out the link here.

Tips for Going Dog Sledding

  • You Will Get Dirty – Keep in mind that the snow and mud and debris will fly at you as you are riding. You are going pretty fast and there is not really a way to avoid it. We were quite wet and dirty by the end of our journey. So don’t wear your favorite, difficult to clean clothes
  • It Will Be Cold – This sort of goes without saying, but dress warmly. Although if you are driving/mushing the dogs yourself it is a bit of a workout, you do have the wind and mountain air coming at you.
  • Consider Sunglasses/Goggles – Going back to the topic of debris flying at you as you are riding, goggles or sunglasses are a nice choice. Although they will probably be covered and dirty by the end, Zoltan the guide was wearing them, so you should learn from the best.

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Lots of Love and Safe Travels,

Danielle and Brooke, Colorful Sisters


  1. Great! We did it in Alaska and I think the dogs had the most fun! Lol 😆 They certainly love it every single time. 🤣

    1. Couldn’t agree more. It was amazing to see the dogs in their element! And dog sledding in Alaska sounds like a dream 🙂

      1. Did your dogs have really long tongues?

  2. As a native Romanian, I concur that visiting the old country as a tourist is an exhilarating experience.

    1. It was amazing! We will have some more posts on Romania in the coming weeks so hope you will approve of our recommendations!

  3. You TWO are amazing! Good for you. You will have so many wonderful memories. Muriel

    1. You’re the sweetest!!

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  7. Wow! Talk about having an adventure. You certainly are!

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