The PERFECT Pajama Party Does Actually Exist…

How do you picture a perfect pajama party? Popcorn, movies, pillow fights, lots of silly games? All that is certainly the ideal, BUT I think it’s also important to start with the perfect pajamas!

Let’s be real. We probably spend about half of our lives in our pajamas. Depending on the person, maybe a little less, maybe a little more. But either way, a significant portion of our time is spent in pajamas. So, it’s obviously important to feel comfortable, but it’s also SUPER important (at least for us) to feel pretty. Having pretty pajamas is such a priority for me. So as we were fabric shopping one day, we came across these beautiful pastel cotton fabrics, with the cutest bubbly texture, that were literally the SOFTEST fabric I have ever felt in my life.

We had to buy it. No regrets. We made the most adorable ruffly pajamas out of this amazingly soft fabric.

These are actually the colors of the walls in our house. We’re not called the Colorful Sisters for nothing!! We need those bright colors in our everyday lives. We didn’t realize until we took the pictures that each of our pajamas matched our respective walls perfectly.

And does anything say pajama party more than a pillow fight? And of course our little puppy Petunia had to join in. Brooke and I have been having pillow fights nonstop since we were little. I consider myself the champion but Brooke may beg to differ.

What’s your favorite pajama party game?

Sending love and happiness, Danielle and Brooke, Colorful Sisters

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