Exploring the Treasures of Cyprus | West Coast


So…there’s a little island of the coast of our beautiful country Israel called Cyprus…and the ticket there is quite inexpensive. That being said, we needed a short vacation and to have some sister time, so we hopped on the hour flight to Cyprus for a couple days 🙂

It’s a beautiful country with pristine beaches, beautiful lagoons, and lovely small country villages. We flew into the city of Paphos and spent the first couple days on the west coast exploring the area.


The first day we visited the traditional tourist places; Paphos old city,  Aphrodite’s Rock, Aphrodite’s Temple….Very beautiful, but crowded with tourists.  So to escape the crowds, we headed north to the little village a Drouseia. This charming little village was up in the mountains with a beautiful view of the ocean.  It seemed somewhat untouched by so much of what we know today.  Many of the town’s residents still had flip phones and seemed to be so satisfied with the simple, slow moments of life. Serving coffee to passing tourists, cooking traditional foods of Cyprus, and serving slow, long meals with no need to rush at all. It really made us stop and think about how these people were so satisfied with what many people today might look at as mundane everyday tasks. In our society today everything is so fast paced that so many people seem to forget the beauty of delightful moments of quiet simplicity.  So as we remembered this, we tried to keep it the theme of our trip; taking it slow and absorbing the beauty around us.


The next morning, we started with a lovely breakfast at our airbnb. Seated in her backyard garden, our host served us a delicious of traditional Cyprian breakfast (vegetarian style); toast, local honey, home-made jam, halloumi cheese, a hard boiled egg, orange juice, and tea.  After gathering some tips from our host, we headed out to explore the Akamas Peninsula.


While we didn’t have time to explore the forested areas of Akamas in depth, we took the opportunity to rent a boat to see all of the beautiful lagoons and bays. (Note: in Cyprus you can rent and operate mostly any boat with just a valid drivers licence) We rented the boat for two hours and the views were beautiful to say the least.  We took the opportunity to sunbath while we anchored the boat and we also had snorkeling equipment (provided on the boat rental company) Also, we’re both wearing our classic handmade bathing suits – (new post coming soon)dav






After a beautiful day we ventured back to our little town and settled in for a quite evening by the pool….


Airbnb in Paphos –

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Airbnb in Drouseia –


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