Visiting Tel Aviv | Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv. So much has been said about it and yet there is so much to say. Tel Aviv is such a diverse city. Modern in every sense of the word and yet everywhere there are pockets that attest to its history starting from 1906 when a few plots of land were purchased on a sandy beach that would later become the city of Tel Aviv. There is the artsy neighborhood of Florentine, the beautiful White City, and of course, Tel Aviv’s famous beaches. There are outdoor markets everywhere; Carmel, Sarona, Levinsky. And somewhere you can be sure to find in some cafe or corner juice cart, Israel’s famous drink-Limonana. Lemonade with mint and ice. Limonana is the combination of the Hebrew words limon-meaning lemon and nana-meaning mint. Perfect as you walk through the streets on one of Tel Aviv’s hot summer days.


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