Best Beaches in Zanzibar – Nungwi, Stone Town, Paje, and More February 9, 2021 - Finding the best beach can be a challenge in a country that is just one island full of endless shores. It can definitely seem quite overwhelming. But whether you're looking… Continue reading
Zanzibar Stone Town Serena Hotel 10 Days in Paradise – Best Itinerary for First Time Travelers to Zanzibar February 4, 2021 - Zanzibar. Pristine beaches. Turquoise waters. White sands. It certainly feels like a little slice of paradise. Whether you're looking to relax by the beach, discover the history, or explore the… Continue reading
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Kenya – The 2 Outfits I Designed Just for My First Trip to Africa | Fashion Design January 28, 2021 - Planning my trip to Kenya was a bit of a challenge. Besides the fact that it was my first solo trip, my first time in Africa, and my first time… Continue reading
18 Amazing Things You Can’t Miss on Your Trip to Zanzibar | Things to Do January 26, 2021 - Although most people visiting Zanzibar certainly are just looking to relax on the beach the entire trip, the archipelago of islands has so much more the offer! Made up of… Continue reading
Zanzibar Flags Stone Town Ultimate Guide to Zanzibar | Everything You Need to Know Before Your Trip January 21, 2021 - Zanzibar. Stunning beaches. Untouched nature. Incredible history. What more could you want in a travel destination? If I'm being completely honest, Zanzibar was never really on my radar of countries… Continue reading
8 Unique Experiences You Can’t Miss in the Ramon Crater | Israel Travel January 19, 2021 - Endless blue skies. Rocky barren desert. Vast and limitless. The Ramon Crater in Israel's Negev Desert is a natural phenomenon which is unique to this part of the world. The… Continue reading
Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens – Wonderland of Mosaics and Art | Pennsylvania January 15, 2021 - Philly's Magic Gardens could not be more perfectly named. They certainly are an extremely magical place. In my opinion the best hidden gem of Philly, no trip is complete without… Continue reading
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Tea Time? Stunning Tea Farms, Horse Ride, and Picnic in Tigoni – Nairobi | Kenya January 4, 2021 - Little sounds more romantic than horseback rides and picnics through the countryside on a sunny and warm day. Add on endless and stunning tea farms as far as the eye… Continue reading


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