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Best Places to Eat in Sofia , Bulgaria Where to Eat in Sofia | 11 Best Cafes and Restaurants March 12, 2023 - The capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia, is known for many things (being the second oldest city in Europe per say), but delicious food is usually not the first thing that… Continue reading
Bulgaria Itinerary 5 Days in Bulgaria – Ultimate Itinerary for an Unforgettable Trip March 5, 2023 - Bulgaria. Vast, impressive, and beautiful. Incredible nature and diverse experiences. Although Bulgaria is not one of the most trending and popular tourist destinations, this undiscovered gem of a country has… Continue reading
Adventuring in the Golan Heights – Things to Do and Places to Eat and Stay May 4, 2022 - If you're feeling the urge to escape the city and find respite in nature full of mountains and waterfalls and streams, then the Golan Heights in Israel is the place… Continue reading
25 Ideas for Amazing Day Trips from Tel Aviv | Escape the City December 27, 2021 - Despite its tiny size, Israel is an incredibly diverse country. From green, tree-covered mountains in the north to majestic desserts in the south to historical wonders in the center, Israel… Continue reading
21 Best Cafes in Tel Aviv | Coffee Shops to Work From – Ultimate Guide August 16, 2021 - Tel Aviv is a coffee shop lover's haven. Who doesn't love the relaxing feeling of sitting down for a coffee with friends, pulling out a laptop, and getting some work… Continue reading
Best Things to Do and See in Akko – Israel’s Most Underrated City August 8, 2021 - Perhaps one of Israel's most underrated tourist destinations, the port city of Akko is a true delight. Abounding in history, bedecked in authentic architecture, and boasting a stunning view of… Continue reading
Experience of a Lifetime: Red Poppies Blooming in the Israeli Desert August 1, 2021 - Fragile red bursts of beauty exploding into an oasis of glory, Israel’s poppies are certainly a sight to behold. Known as a kalanit in Hebrew (technically a poppy anemone), these red flowers… Continue reading
Fashion and Flowers – Wildflower Photoshoot in the Israeli Countryside July 25, 2021 - Beautiful mountain scenery. Green rolling hills. Speckles of color appearing in the most unexpected way. Tall, yellow blossoms waving in the wind gracefully. Little purple dots of beauty adorning the… Continue reading
Sunflower Fields Forever – Best Places to See the Sunflowers in Israel July 18, 2021 - The sunflower. A bright golden beam of light. What could be more beautiful? Only perhaps entire fields of them, covering the landscape with their sunny faces. Well-loved around the world… Continue reading
5 Best Places to See Spectacular Wildflowers & Fields of Flowers in Israel July 11, 2021 - Who doesn't love flowers? Little bursts of happiness emerging from the earth, bright and colorful gems of beauty. Despite usually being thought of as a desert, Israel is no stranger… Continue reading