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Ethnic Fashion | Romanian Embroidered Blouse and Kenyan Accessories April 26, 2020 - Every time we travel to new country we try to bring back an article of clothing or an accessory that is traditionally from that region. So when I (Brooke) went… Continue reading
Tel Aviv Street Fashion | Handmade High Waisted Shorts with Geometrical Print April 22, 2020 - When we took these photos about a week ago the rule in Israel for COVID-19 limited us from going more than 100 meters from our house for basically anything besides… Continue reading
Back Yard Photoshoot | Handmade Skort and Orange Lilies April 19, 2020 - Who agrees that flowers bring happiness? We LOVE FLOWERS! Real flowers, flower print dresses, flower earrings, FLOWER EVERYTHING!!! Danielle received this huge bouquet from her long distance boyfriend and we… Continue reading
Creative Backyard Butterfly Photoshoot April 16, 2020 - Butterflies make us happy πŸ¦‹ Ever since we were little we loved butterflies. We remember growing up each year and our mom would get us a bunch of caterpillars and… Continue reading
Handmade “Anthropologie” Blouse…for 1/16th of the price April 14, 2020 - Scrolling through our Instagram feed we saw a lovely blouse from Anthropologie and as much as we would have wanted to purchase it, in the current situation it's almost impossible… Continue reading
Handmade Matching Strawberry Shorts and Strawberry Shortcake Recipe March 27, 2020 - What's better than some strawberry shortcakes to brighten up your day πŸ™‚ I don't even remember what day of the quarantine we're in but nevertheless strawberry shortcakes will help! The… Continue reading
Handmade Crocheted Flower Crop Top #colorfulquaratine Challenge March 25, 2020 - So quarantine challenge anyone??? Everyone's complaining about being bored and being stuck inside but let's get motivated 😊 we have the world at our fingertips 🌍Rules of the challenge:1. Make/create… Continue reading
Cyprus Exploring the Treasures of Cyprus | West Coast July 9, 2018 - So...there's a little island of the coast of our beautiful country Israel called Cyprus...and the ticket there is quite inexpensive. That being said, we needed a short vacation and to… Continue reading
The adventures begin again… July 6, 2018 - It's been quite a little while since we've posted, so its about time we begin again! This has been a wonderful past year filled with endless adventures and joys (and… Continue reading
A Shining Purim with Handmade Costumes February 28, 2018 - The idea suddenly came three days before Purim... The Sun and the Moon. The next day we journeyed to Jerusalem to purchase fabric and all the other little things that… Continue reading


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