Join us to explore the tropical banana plantations and corn fields of Maagan Michael with our hand-designed outfits!
Join us to explore one of Israel's most beautiful private beaches with our handmade bathing suits designed to match the
How do you picture a perfect pajama party? Popcorn, movies, pillow fights, lots of silly games? All that is certainly
Join us to explore the hidden treasures of the Carmel Market with our handmade tow-piece set made from some old
Join us to explore the ancient fortress of Masada with our handmade fashion designs. Located on an isolated rock plateau
The lockdown was ending. We were allowed to travel outside of our houses and through Israel, and so we immediatley
Tel Aviv is a pretty hipster city. Vegan capital of the world. Riding bicycles all around. Just about every guy
The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth! The shores are 423 meters (1,388 ft) below sea level.... We
I once heard a quote from a man who was over 100 years old. They were asking him for tips
A fairy tale. A fairy tale of flowers and blue skies and rolling green hills and floral dresses located in

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